This Is The Arsenal We Have Waited For

NJMCorrespondent IIIAugust 30, 2008

After the Fulham game, I was wondering how Arsenal were to contend against English powers like Manchester United and Chelsea. The game against FC Twente showed what Arsenal could do with Cesc is the lineup. This game showed what Arsenal's potential truly is.

First Cesc's return has been huge for Arsenal. In that game against Fulham the Arsenal attack looked like a chicken with its head cut off. There was not long strings of passing and the great movement of players that appears to flow as naturally as water. Denilson looked absolutely lost and Arsene had no solution for this. With Fabregas in the lineup there is less pressure on the midfield to create and the strikers can trust upon the midfield to put them in good situations. Defenses also have to focus on Fabregas which relieves the pressure on the team. Cesc's passing is unreal. His vision and the way he can make passes through defenders opens up opportunities that no one could see.

Second is the form of Robin van Persie. He could be and could have been one of the top strikers in all the of the EPL is it wasn't for his fragile body. The constant injuries have caused him to miss large amounts of time and when he comes back it takes time for him to get back into the flow. This game showed what Van Persie is capable. His partnership with Adebayor was great. Their was good chemistry between them as their exchanges opened up goal scoring opportunities. His striking of the ball, not only in the box, but on free kicks as well is back to what it was when he was at his best.Adebayor has played so unselfishly and his passes have created great opportunities fro RVP and Denilson. His pressure on the defense is what led to the penalty kick

Most importantly Arsenal put the ball in the back of the net. I know that sounds kind of obvious but Arsenal fans know what I am talking about. In the Champions League group stage Arsenal played against CSKA Moscow. They moved the ball well and got many opportunities. CSKA was completely outmatched. However, Arsenal could not put the ball it the next. From what I can remember Arsenal had 24 shots and CSKA had 6. Two of those opportunities Arsenal had were empty net situations. But Arsenal could not score and the game ended 0-0. All the free flowing movement and beautiful passing is absolutely pointless when the ball doesn't get by the keeper.

Arsenal did have their problems in this game. They lack a holding/defensive midfielder like Essien that could sure things up in the defense and bail them out. Second is that we need another starting center back to play with Kolo Toure. Gallas doesn't play as well as we need him to. On set pieces he is absolutely lost and leaves his men unmarked.

If Arsenal continue to play like they did against Newcastle they have the ability to dominate English football. They can win the Champions League for the first time in club history. No team is better then Arsenal when they play the way they are capable of. Arsenal will only get stronger as the season continues. Their young players will gain experience in the beginning of the campaign that will pay dividends towards the stretch run.

Arsenal have the ability to play the most awe inspiring football in the world. There attacking prowess is unmatched. This season's success will be determined by the health of Cesc and RVP, the acquisition or development of a holding/defensive midfielder along with a center back, and the ability of Arsenal to not only create but the finish their masterpiece with a goal.