Teddy Hart is an Unbelieveable Wrestler; As Long As He Shuts His Mouth

Jason IovannaCorrespondent IAugust 30, 2008

In professional wrestling, wrestling dynasties are synonymous with words like legendary, greatness, and honor.  The Hart wrestling family has done it all in this business.  From world championships and headlining Wrestlemania, to giving birth some of the greatest second and third generation talent the world has ever seen.  Now, the last heir to the wrestling family thrown is none other than Teddy Hart.  A YouTube top-searched independent wrestler, Ted has given us some of the most controversial statements and matches ever in professional wrestling.  His talent is undeniable and no matter what anyone says, Ted Hart has been trained by and wrestled some of the best.  However, I have limited exposure to Ted as all I have seen of his material is the videos on YouTube, even though there are many.  From what I have seen, this is my analysis: Ted Hart is an excellent wrestler and technician, but a horrible at cutting promos and is lacking charisma.  Some of the things he says and his "catch-phrases" make absolutely no sense and just sound ridiculous. Things like "I greet thee with a smile" and "You better kick your girlfriend out of bed because she's thinking about Ted" just make me laugh at him and not the competition he is calling out.  All he is doing is continuing the unfortunate Hart tradition of being whiners and bad speakers.  The Hart's are known for their wrestling abilities and not for their charisma.  Not only is his camera personality horrible, his outside antics have cost him new found fame, television time, opportunities, and also money.  From what I have seen, he now has the martyr mentality stemming from the reasons that the WWE let him go.  In my opinion, he has no one to blame but himself.  All he had to do was keep his mouth shut, listen, and learn the way that the WWE does business.  Instead, he's taking cell phone calls in the middle of meetings, not doing ring set up, and being disrespectful to trainers.  Here is a guy who has every gift given to him, who comes from a great family, and who has the greatest opportunity in the world in terms of becoming a professional wrestler.  If this had been the first time WWE and him have parted ways, I would take on my usual saying of there is two sides to every story.  However, this is the second or third time and my instincts are telling me that Ted Hart is causing the problem in this relationship. 

For anyone who doesn't know, Ted was the youngest wrestler ever to sign a developmental deal at the age of 18.  Again and again, WWE has given him chances hoping he would have grown up, but every time proves as a disappointment.  They are tired of taking the risks that they were willing take in 1998.  This guy is a classic case of a waste of talent.  He has skills that people in this business would kill for and all he does is flush his opportunities down the toilet and focus on the wrong things.  I would love to see Ted Hart in the WWE, work with some of the greats, and go on to carry the Hart family torch in professional wrestling.  It is unlikely we will ever see this, and in my opinion, it's a downright shame.