Mick Foley For Gail Kim: Who Got The Better End?

Jeremy RushingContributor IAugust 30, 2008

Let me apologize for the mistake I made the first time with this article, as we all know it was Gail Kim who is going to the WWE, not Christy Hemme. No, I didnt really think Christy Hemme was going to the WWE, nor did i think Gail Kim and Christy Hemme were the same person, i just goofed up.  But here is the better version, enjoy.

Anybody who calls themselves a true wrestling fan has already heard about the swap of talent that happened this week between the WWE and TNA. 

In case you haven't: Gail Kim decided to not renew her contract with TNA and instead will go back to the WWE when her contract expires, which will be very soon.  Kim and TNA are said to have parted ways on very good terms, which is why she will be working up until at least No Surrender.

On the other side of the wrestling world, Mick Foley has also decided not to renew his contract with the WWE, and instead will jump ship to TNA when his contract expires tomorrow, Monday, September 1st.  Unlike Kim and TNA, Foley and the WWE left on not so good terms, hence why he has been taken off TV these past few weeks.  

So my question is, Who got the better end of this "swap," so to speak?  Now, this is the first time two wrestlers of great popularity switched organizations at the same time.  So lets look at this from the perspective of the WWE and TNA first.

Lets face it, the WWE has been looking for a way to get rid of Foley for a long time.  But what I don't like about this move is that Foley was great behind the announcing table.  If you ask me, he and J.R. were almost as good as J.R. and King, but before you all get on my back let me say that nobody will ever be as good a duo as J.R. and King, but that's a whole new subject. 

I would've liked to see Foley and Tazz do a show together.  But anyways, when the WWE finally found something that worked for Foley, what happens?  Barely four months later, Foley's out.  

But, what the WWE is getting may be as good, if not better right now, than what they're giving up. They're getting back one of the best female wrestlers of all time.  Yes, I said "all time."  You can quote me on that. 

She's in her prime right now, if you ask me, and I am really interested what sort of return angle they will do for her.  Gail Kim carried the TNA womens' division on her back for a long time until she started to share the load with ODB, then finally Awesome Kong took most of the load off her back. 

Kim is just what the WWE needs for a womens' division that is lacking in ring talent at the moment—and who knows, maybe she can mentor someone like Kelly Kelly to make her a great in-ring performer. Only time will tell.

TNA is losing one of the reasons they are where they are as a promotion.  Gail Kim was the face of the TNA womens' division for mostly the whole time she was there.  With Kim gone now, TNA needs someone like Angelina Love to step up and become the next big thing in the women's division. 

ODB and Awesome Kong can only go at each other for so long.  For now, the TNA womens' division is in not so good shape, but I believe that sooner rather than later the womens' division will be right back to where it was with Gail Kim.

If you look at this closely, this may end up being the best move TNA has ever made if they play their cards right.  Foley will be an instant fan magnet heading into their biggest pay per view of the year, Bound For Glory IV.  If they wrestle him through the new year and put him as either a Commissioner/GM type character or behind the announcer's table, I think they will have struck gold with this acquisition.

With Foley coming in and Jeff Jarrett coming back, I think in two or three years TNA management will look back on these next few months and say, "Those couple of months were the turning point for this promotion."

So if you ask me, I think that Total Nonstop Action Wrestling got the better end of this "swap of talent" based on what the talent coming in can do for their promotion.  So if you'll excuse me, I need to go get ready to watch my Illini pound the crap out of those damn Missouri Tigers.

Until next week, noodle out.