Cleveland Browns: Another Sunday, Another Loss, but Team Is Close To Contending

David LurieContributor INovember 22, 2010

Rookie quarterback Colt McCoy leads, what his now his team, on the field
Rookie quarterback Colt McCoy leads, what his now his team, on the fieldMike Ehrmann/Getty Images

After 10 games of the 2010 season, the Cleveland Browns record stands at 3-7. To say the least, this season has a been a wild one, but it can be argued that this year's Browns are a lot better than their 3-7 record states.

In '09, the Browns finished the season 4-0, giving the fans high hopes for this season. In the offseason, the QB position was addressed by signing two veteran quarterbacks and drafting college star Colt McCoy.

When the season started, though, the Browns went back to old ways, opening the 2010 campaign 0-3. 

When the Browns failed to win games over beatable opponents (Tampa Bay and Kansas City) and blew a lead over the division rival Baltimore Ravens, fans were again screaming for a coaching change. 

It has been my belief all season long that once team president Mike Holmgren decided to retain Eric Mangini as coach, that meant he was our coach for the long haul. Holmgren saw that the players were buying into Mangini's system and deserved a chance to prove he could get the job done.

In Week 5 of this season, the Browns found a blessing in disguise. Both veteran quarterbacks went down, forcing rookie Colt McCoy into the starting position. 

Due to the surprising play of Colt McCoy, and great play by the defense, the Browns were able to upset New Orleans and New England. The tough stretch of games continued when the New York Jets came into town. In a hard-fought battle, the Browns lost in overtime.

It was hard to be too disappointed, though, because it was obvious the Browns had finally found their quarterback. 

Now back in real-time, the Browns have just lost another close one to the Jacksonville Jaguars after being riddled with injuries. Any brief hope of reaching the playoffs has now been crushed, so it's time to ask ourselves: 

How far from contending are the Browns? 

The season's most disappointing players are WR Brian Robiskie and CB Eric Wright. Robiskie was the hometown kid drafted in the early second round. He was supposed to redeem himself after being deactivated for most of his rookie year. Although he has been in the starting lineup every game, this season he has produced only nine catches. 

In my opinion, it's time to give up on Robiskie. He should be traded for a bag of peanuts and a hot dog to be chosen later. 

CB Eric Wright had the best season of his career last year, and it was the hope of all in the Browns organization that Wright and rookie draft pick Joe Haden would be the cornerstones of the Browns defense in the future. 

Wright, in the last year of his contract, has now had the worst season of his career, leaving the Browns unsure of the cornerback position once again. 

The moral of the story is that so far this season has been nothing short of entertaining, with wins over elite opponents and losses to lesser teams. The Browns still have some building to do, but they are getting very close.