Feels So Good: Top 10 Teams We Love to Hate

Nathan RobiteContributor INovember 22, 2010

Feels So Good: Top 10 Teams We Love to Hate

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    As sports fans we all have our favorite teams that we follow religiously. But along with this, we also have teams that we cannot stand.

    There can be many reasons: They're the rival, they may come across as arrogant or they might just be pushed in front of us so often that we just hate them to be in the minority.

    No matter what the reason, these teams are just so much fun to hate on.

10. USC Trojans

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    USC has been so dominant this decade in the world of college football that it got to the point where it made you jump for joy whenever they stumbled.

    Add the fact that Reggie Bush has recently come under criticism for violations of improper benefits, and the ensuing sanctions against USC bring that success under fire.

    Is it just me, or does Pete Carroll's bolting for the NFL only after the investigations were under way point to the fact that maybe he knew all of it was going on and allowed it to happen?

    Then bring in Lane Kiffin as his replacement, and you have an excellent case to hate the Trojans even more. I'm sure people in Tennessee may agree with me on this one.

9. Miami Hurricanes

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    The main issue with Miami is the reference to themselves as "The U." How did they lay claim to that title?

    But also take a look at the 1987 Fiesta Bowl against Penn State. They thought so much of themselves as warriors that they got off the plane in army fatigues.

    There is also the fact that the school produced some of the flashiest, mouthiest players to play in the NFL, notably Michael Irvin, Warren Sapp and Ray Lewis.

8. Ohio State University

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    Once again, self-naming themselves irks people like me. I watch these NFL games and players introduce themselves as coming from "THE Ohio State University." Is there more than ONE Ohio State that they have to differentiate themselves?

    Not only that, but people treat old Sweater Vest himself, Jim Tressel, as if he's the perfect mind of a college football coach They didn't want to realize that until last year, his team would continually get pounded in its bowl game.

7. Duke University

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    I don't know exactly what it is with Duke that makes them so fun to root against.

    Is it their success year in and year out? Is it the annual hoopla you have to hear about how they're favored to win it all? Perhaps it's watching footage of the Cameron Crazies every night on ESPN.

    No matter what factor it is, Duke is a team that's fun to watch fail.

6. New England Patriots

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    This probably stems from their sudden rise from a patsy team to the team of the decade.

    This only gets worse because of a little incident known as "Spygate" and the ensuing attitude of Bill Belichick afterwards. He was obviously caught in the act and treated it all with such pompous indifference it made you want the Patriots to lose every single game.

    Although they did not, there is some satisfaction that they did not achieve that ultimate record. I'm not a huge Giants fan, but I smile every time someone mentions 18-1.

5. Miami Heat

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    The Heat would probably never really make this list until this year. Upon "The Decision" that led to the creation of this team, the Heat immediately put a target on their backs and put themselves on this list.

    Odds are, unless you're a Heat fan, the Heat are high on your list of teams you despise.

4. New York Yankees

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    I don't know which side of the argument I would take more for why to hate the Yankees. Is it the fact that they just keep winning year after year, or is it the fact that they will stop at no expense just to win?

    It seems that almost every significant name in baseball nowadays is getting money thrown at him by the Yankees. It builds the attitude that money wins championships and money is everything in sports.

    I'm happy in years like this one where teams NOT named the Yankees win the World Series. It proves that money isn't always everything!

3. New York Jets

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    Like the Heat, this is a team that probably ran under the radar up until the last two seasons. Not only have they been mildly successful, the Cardiac Jets are under the tutelage of possibly the biggest mouth in all of sports.

    Rex Ryan is constantly running his mouth, touting his team as the best of everything in the league. Case in point: He comes out and says, "It's hard to say we're not the best team in the league." Then they go out and lay an egg against the Packers in Week 8.

    They do continue to win, although in nail-biters, and the luck can only last so long. We will see when it runs out!

2. Los Angeles Lakers

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    Oh, such a combination of almost everything to hate in sports. A seemingly arrogant superstar, long history of success, seems they always have the money to spend to bring in superstars—the list goes on.

    The Zen Master Phil Jackson treats his team as though it's unstoppable, often trying to taint his opponents in interviews. Listen to his interviews last season, against the Thunder and Suns in particular; he will often mention things he feels that his opponents are "unfairly favored" for.

    This coming from the guy who has coached Michael Jordan, Shaquille O'Neal and Kobe Bryant.

    Even though they're favored for it, there are plenty of people with me hoping that another three-peat isn't in the cards.

1. Dallas Cowboys

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    I chose the owner for this spot because he is a big point in why the Cowboys top this list. It's gotta be hard playing or working for a guy like Jerry Jones. You never really feel that job security.

    The Cowboys also were the bitter rivals of my team when they were both in their prime. It was always bitter watching Troy Aikman and Emmitt Smith win Super Bowl after Super Bowl by knocking my Steve Young/Jerry Rice-led 49ers out of the running.

    Add the fact that these guys are known as "America's Team." Well, for the past decade or so, America hasn't been able to be too proud of "their team." But for people like me, it's been more than fine!