Dallas Cowboys: Is Jason Garrett the Answer?

Jabber HeadSenior Analyst INovember 21, 2010

Is Jason Garrett the answer in Dallas?

Two weeks ago, I would have laughed at this question, “Is Jason Garrett the answer in Dallas?” The only thing that brought more fear to me than leaving Wade Phillips as the coach, was to give the position to Jason Garrett because his offense appeared to under achieving more than Wade’s defense. After two victories under Garrett, I am not so quick to deny the validity of the question.

During the first nine weeks of the season (only played eight games because of their bye week), the Dallas Cowboys averaged right around 10 penalties a game. In the two weeks under Jason “Red-Headed Genius” Garrett, the number of penalties have almost dropped in half. The Cowboys have averaged 5.5 penalties over the last two weeks.

Under Wade this season, the Cowboys continually turned over the football. They were minus 10 on the turnover ratio for Wade’s eight ball games. Over the last two games, the Cowboys are plus 3.

Jason Garrett is having the Boys work on the small details. He has them wearing pads and practicing at full speed during the week. He is enforcing meeting times and making the players be responsible. He even implemented a dress code for the players for flights and game day.

You can see this has made a difference by watching how different this team has approached both of these games under Garrett. It is hard to argue with the declining penalties and turnovers.

It does appear that Garrett has been the answer over Wade Phillips for these two games. After just two games, I am not willing to declare Garrett the long term answer in Dallas. They need to continue to stay focused and disciplined.

If Garrett can get the Cowboys to play more focused and to continue to work on the details this season, then he just may be the long term answer in Dallas.


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