WWE SMACKDOWN 11/19/10 Review: Survival For The Survivor Series

Jay BrennanCorrespondent INovember 21, 2010

The show opened with a recap of last week’s interaction between Kane and Edge.


I really hate the storyline of Edge abducting Paul Bearer. It’s been done too often and is unbelievable. Can you really imagine Edge holding Paul Bearer hostage for a week merely on the basis of getting inside Kane’s head to gain an advantage for their upcoming championship match?



Opening Segment:


Team Captain, Alberto Del Rio, talked about easily disposing Sgt. Slaughter last Monday at Raw. Matt Stryker called his victory “huge”. Defeating an aged GI Joe fifteen years past his prime is hardly a big win.


MVP made his way to the ring.  He said that he has seen his act before. He paid tribute to the legends for paving the way for them.


Del Rio responded to MVP’s comments by telling MVP that he holds the legends in high regard because he will never be one. Del Rio is likely right, MVP will likely fall into the Z-Man (Tom Zenk) category as far as his legacy.


Del Rio told MVP he had a match already with Mysterio. He then proposed a match with one of his teammates to face him. Drew McIntyre, was the chosen one to take on MVP.


As far as promos go, Del Rio is a master. You can’t go wrong opening the program with him.


Segment Rating: 8/10



Drew McIntyre vs. MVP Match:


MVP hit a variation of his drive-by kick to get the surprising victory.


MVP has had a lot of success lately. I was not expecting him to defeat McIntyre. This is a nice turn of events for MVP as he hasn’t participated in many pay-per-views as of late.


This may be an indication that the “Chosen One” is going to be dropping matches for awhile off the heels of his wife’s release from the company. I would expect McIntyre would eventually find his way out of the Scottish Terrier Dog house.


Match Rating: 7/10



Edge & Paul Bearer Backstage Segment:


Edge drag raced with Paul Bearer on wheel chairs in a somewhat funny segment. Edge was handed a crappy storyline and is making the best of it.


Segment Rating: 6/10



Kane & Teddy Long Backstage Segment:


Kane question Teddy Long where Paul Bearer was. Kane eventually destroyed the backstage set.


Segment Rating: 5/10



Chris Masters vs. Jack Swagger Match:


Swagger got the win after a wrenching on the ankle lock.


I am beyond happy for Masters as he has put in his time to get into this Survivor Series match. The announce team mentioned that he relied on his power earlier in his career but has improved upon his ring skills.


I was also glad to see Swagger get the victory here as his loss to Daniel Bryan on Monday Night Raw was not a step in the right direction. I can not understand why they would build Swagger up with Money in the Bank followed by a World Championship and then have him job to the United States champion six months after his reign.


Match Rating: 7/10



Edge & Paul Bearer Backstage Segment:


Edge continued to torment Paul Bearer by playing dodge ball. Edge started to throw the ball off of a tied up Bearer.


Segment Rating: 5/10



(IC) Dolph Ziggler vs. Kaval Match:


Kaval got the shocking victory over Ziggler in the non-title bout.


Ziggler has apparently worked things out with Vicki and Kaitlyn is gone.


Michael Cole bashed Kaval the same way he goes after Daniel Bryan. He reminded everyone that Kaval has not won a match since winning NXT season 2.


After the match, Kaval said that he won NXT thus giving him a shot a championship of his choosing. He said that he would cash it in on Ziggler at Survivor Series.


Daniel Bryan and Kaval has had some epic matches on the indie scene. If the WWE goes ahead with the plan to unify the United States Championship and the Intercontinental Championship what better place than Wrestlemania? Daniel Bryan vs. Kaval for the unification match would guarantee a great match to bid farewell to the stars and stripes belt.


Match Rating: 8/10



Edge & Paul Bearer Backstage Segment:


Edge talked about getting pizza. Umm… okay.


Segment: 1/10



Cody Rhodes vs. Kofi Kingston Segment:


This was easily the best match of the night. Cody Rhodes got the victory with the Cross Rhodes.


They went back and forth and provided an entertaining match.


Kofi has be lost in the shuffle and they haven’t been able to provide him with a worthwhile feud.


I bet Drew McIntyre misses the days when he was a member of the Dashing Ones.


Match Rating: 9/10



Natalia & Kelly Kelly vs. (Divas Champions) Lay-Cool Match:


Natalia has quite the feat for this Sunday as she must face both members of Lay-Cool in a handicap match.


Layla El pinned Natalia for the tag team victory.


Match Rating: 6/10

Edge & Paul Bearer Backstage Segment:


Edge dumped pizza on Paul Bearer. This has really turned into the worst segments since Hornswoggle’s speech classes.


Segment Rating: 1/10



Kane Backstage Segment:


Kane is shown hyperventilating and eventually cried.


Segment Rating: 1/10



Big Show vs. Tyler Rex Match:


Tyler Rex had a good showing against the giant in the first few minutes but ultimately suffered a choke slam loss.


I would have liked to see this match gone longer.


Match Rating: 6/10


Rey Mysterio vs. Alberto Del Rio Match:


The match ended the way I expected it. Team Del Rio interrupted the match and attacked the Rated PG Superstar. Team Mysterio came in for the save.


Teddy Long advised both teams that they will now be involved in a battle royal.


Match Rating: 6/10



Battle Royal Match:


Del Rio was tossed out leaving Swagger to fight both Mysterio and Big Show.


Big Show eliminated Swagger for the win.


Match Rating: 7/10


Final Thoughts:


I am not satisfied with the sole survivor series elimination match this Sunday. This match had little build up and was basically based on Mysterio and Del Rio’s feud. Kofi and Big Show did give Rhodes and McIntyre their last match as a team so I guess that makes sense for them to be on opposite teams. Swagger, Masters, and Tyler Rex seemed to have just been thrown in the mix.


Final Rating: 7/10