Will Formula 1 Fans Ever Have a Great F1 TV Show to Watch?

Seth WilliamsContributor INovember 21, 2010

Growing up, Formula 1 and I never really clicked. I never really gave it the time of day and I never really understood the beauty and intense passion behind it.

My Dad and uncles have always been huge fans, so I was exposed to it, but never took a bite… until now. Man, I can't get enough of this insane sport. I took the plunge just before the 2009 Monaco Grand Prix. Ever since, I've had my nose in any and all F1 resources (magazines, e-magazines, websites, blogs). I just love this stuff and learning about the drivers and teams and what fuels them.

However, one thing that I have longed for ever since I started following F1 is a great F1 TV show. I mean, seriously, what are we passionate fans supposed to do for the average of two weeks (and sometimes more) between races each year?

And then there's the dreaded off season, where for nearly four months we have nothing to quench our F1 thirst on TV.

Now, I understand that the time in between races and the off season helps to build anticipation, but I don't think it would hurt for the fans to have a bit more to chew on. There may not be F1 fans overflowing the globe, but I believe those fortunate fans who have fallen in love with the sport would enjoy a little something else in the downtime.

Think about it. What if there was a show on the Speed Channel (or any channel for that matter) that simply followed all the current happenings in the sport, such as new rules, tweaks to cars, driver results, standings, and changes, and info on the upcoming race and track?

Or, what if there was a show that followed a team or driver around for a day to give us an inside view as to what a day in the life of a racer or team looks like. Maybe we even follow a driver around in the off season to learn more about him and what makes him tick, or to learn about his background and interests so that we gain an even deeper appreciation for what they can do on the track. Maybe even a close look into what takes place at a team's headquarters.

The possibilities are endless, and trust me, I wish I was in a position where I could make a few phone calls and that would be it… we'd have our show. But it's not that easy I guess.

It's just that every time I turn on the Speed Channel and see another show on Nascar, I want to vomit all over myself (nothing against Nascar… we just don't mesh).

With all of that said, and maybe with the backing of billions of passionate Formula 1 believers, we can one day have a bit more to watch and follow when it comes to the sport that we love so much. It would truly be awesome to get to learn more about the unique and insane talent and personality of each team and driver.

Until then, I'll keep coming back to this site to read all of your articles, and I'll continue dreaming of the Bahrain Grand Prix on March 13.