Manny Pacquiao: Why Shane Mosley Fight Is Best Next Move for the Pacman

Trae ThompsonSenior Analyst INovember 21, 2010

Manny Pacquiao: Why Shane Mosley Fight Is Best Next Move For the Pacman

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    Manny Pacquiao: Why Shane Mosley Fight Is Best Next Move For the Pacman

    Yes, we all know who Manny Pacquiao should fight next.

    A showdown with Floyd Mayweather Jr. has already stalled twice, and other options are limited. Top Rank's Bob Arum - who promotes Pacquiao - has already said he would consider a fight with Andre Berto, one of boxing's young, ultra-talented fighters.

    One other possibility is Sugar Shane Mosley.

    There are several reasons why it would be a great matchup. At face value, it's instantly much better than Pacquiao's fight with Antonio Margarito. Like Pacquiao, he also has a ton of experience and was once considered boxing's pound-for-pound best fighter.

    No, it's not what fans are clamoring for. But it's not the absolute worst option either. Here are 10 reasons why Mosley could be the best next move for Pacquiao:

10. Floyd Saw It

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    If Floyd Mayweather Jr. really wanted a piece of Manny, he would've been there at Cowboys Stadium on Nov.13, or announced the following week after Pacquiao's win over Antonio Margarito that it was time to give fans what they want.

    But so far it's the sound of crickets.

    You know he watched the fight, and saw what happened to Margarito. Makes you wonder just how badly he wants a shot at Manny, doesn't it?

9. An Easy Sale

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    Sure, it's not what the public wants, but it's not the worst option either: A former pound-for-pound champ (Mosley) against a current pound-for-pound champ (Pacquiao), both extremely talented fighters, both gentlemen, both extremely fast.

8. The California Angle

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    Pacquiao's trainer Freddie Roach would definitely go for this. He wouldn't have to leave his Wild Card Gym, Mosley wouldn't have to leave his home, the fight could be held at Staples Center and you could draw another huge Filipino crowd for Pacquiao as well.

7. Less Headaches

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    Legendary promoter Bob Arum may have an easier time securing a fight with Mosley than Mayweather, who used to be promoted by Arum. Mosley is promoted by Golden Boy Promotions, and the two rival companies have already worked together on several other high-profile fights.

6. Next Up On The List

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    Pacquiao's already defeated a who's who of boxing's best: Marco Antonio Barrera, Erik Morales, Juan Manuel Marquez and Oscar De La Hoya. Might as well add Mosley to the list.

    It could wind up being an easy payday, too, if you saw Mosley's less than stellar performance against Sergio Mora. 

5. Better Timing

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    Better to fight Mosley early in the year, and save Mayweather for late summer. You can't compete against the Super Bowl and March Madness, so a Mosley fight could be made for May. Get past that, and you could schedule a fight with Mayweather in September when it would have nothing else to go up against.

4. Thanks Bernard

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    Former middleweight champ Bernard Hopkins made news late last week when he called out Pacquiao and questioned why he hasn't fought any African American fighters. Obviously Pacquiao hasn't, but keep in mind: Hopkins and Mosley are both co-partners in and co-promoted by Golden Boy Promotions.

    What's good for Mosley is good for the company.

3. Same Results?

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    Mosley's already fought Mayweather, and knocked him down in the fight. Mayweather got back up and went on to win a unanimous decision. Judges scored the fight 119-109, 119-109 and 118-110.

    Would that happen again with Pacquiao? It's an intriguing question.

2. Legal Issues

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    There's no way Mayweather will fight until he knows the outcome of the case involving his uncle and trainer Roger Mayweather, who faces felony charges that he attacked a female boxer at his apartment in Las Vegas. The trial was postponed until Jan.24. 

    If Roger were convicted, the fear would be whether Floyd will call it a career. Keep in mind, though: Floyd's reconciled with his father, Floyd Sr., who was his son's original trainer.

1. Floyd's Not Leaving

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    Manny Pacquiao doesn't need to worry. No way Floyd Mayweather Jr. retires without facing Pacquiao. He'll get to him eventually.

    It's just a matter of when. Until then, Manny should go ahead and face Mosley.