Could Anderson Silva Lose? What Would Happen to the UFC if He Did?

Nick ColonSenior Analyst IAugust 29, 2008

Reality is so boring. Why don't people think more creatively, in a world of fantasy? Pretend you're in that world right now...and Anderson Silva loses.

Now, unfortunately, you're back to reality and you know that it doesn't appear likely. However, history tells us that, eventually, even the mighty fall. The Patriots are a good example. Nazi Germany, as well.

Heck, let's try an analogy. Anderson Silva is to the UFC as Napoleon was to history. Even he failed, though.

So, as unlikely as it may seem, Silva will either retire graciously with an unblemished UFC record, or he will fall to some fighter prior to his end. Let's play on the side of fantasy and say he does lose. What then?

Cote has a puncher's chance coming up in October of defeating Silva. If Cote fights as he did against Travis Lutter, expect Silva to notch an easy submission win. But remember, this is fantasy, and we're hoping Cote fights like he did against Drew McFederies. And apparently, Cote's submission defense has improved, or else Ricardo Almeida would've put him to sleep.

So what in the world happens if Cote wins? Is he the new dominant force at 185? Even in fantasy-land this isn't possible.

A more likely, less fantasy-like result is that Silva beats Cote, and loses in the future. Who has the capability of doing that? Let the list begin.

Chuck Liddell always has a puncher's chance, and anyone who drops Randy Couture should never be counted out. Liddell matches up well with the Spider, and I don't see Silva trying to work Jiu-Jitsu at all in that possible matchup. Liddell has a shot.

Forrest Griffin is another guy who can take one heck of a punch and keep going. If heart measures your chances in a fight, then Forrest always has the upper hand. Griffin would give the Spider a run for his money.

What about at Silva's own weight? I'll go out on a limb, because this is fantasy, and say, depending on the outcome of the Henderson/Palhares fight, Palhares may stun MMA fans altogether, and give Anderson some competition at his natural weight. He is a huge man at 185, and, if he shows some athleticism, could give the Spider trouble.

And, of course, the always dangerous Georges St. Pierre should never be counted out against anyone. If the matchup happens, don't expect anything less than a "fight of the year" nominee.

So if Silva happens to lose anytime soon, not only would that put his legacy one step in the wrong direction, it will leave him in rebound mode. That's one place that the Spider has not been yet in his established career.

OK. Time to wake up from fantasy world now. Silva is unbeatable.