Why UFC's Dream Fight Will Never Occur

Nick ColonSenior Analyst IAugust 29, 2008

Many believe that the best fight in the world exists between Randy Couture and Fedor Emelianenko. Some believe that Anderson Silva vs. Fedor would produce just as much of a draw.

However, the one "Superfight" that actually seems possible within the UFC has no chance of making it past talk. What is that fight? GSP vs. "the Spider."

Anderson Silva, as we all know, is the man destroying all of the competition in the UFC. However, GSP has been equally dominant, if you take away a fluke loss to Matt Serra and a loss to Matt Hughes earlier in his career that may be attributed to lack of experience.

The experienced St. Pierre and the dominant Silva have been on a collision course for quite some time now. Then the question remains: Why is this fight not being put together?

The answer is simple and yet so complex at the same time. Silva is a man that has not fought at a lighter weight than 185-lbs. in his career in the UFC. St. Pierre has not fought over 170-lbs. in his UFC career.

However, "the Spider" talks all the time about making the big fights happen. So does GSP. Is 15-lbs. really the big hold on this fight? Not quite.

Silva, right now is trying to conquer the LHW division while maintaining his domination at 185. GSP is looking to defeat B.J. Penn to prove that he's the dominant fighter at 170. And both of these fighters have their next few months already scheduled for them, with Silva fighting in October and GSP not until next year.

Say that Silva makes it through his October date unscathed and is ready for one more fight this year. It's highly likely that "the Spider" will get a high-profile name in the LHW division, such as Wanderlei Silva or the winner of the Liddell/Evans fight.

Let's take it a step further. Say GSP dominates Penn, and Silva defeats Cote and whomever he may fight once before year's end. Then what? Chances are that Silva will look for a shot at the LHW belt early next year, and GSP is looking for new contenders.

There are a lot of "what-if's" and "hopefully's" in these statements, but the facts remain that Silva is looking for higher-weight fighters, and GSP is looking to dominate lower weight, or even-weight fighters like Penn.

UFC matchmaker Joe Silva would not be able to throw a monkey wrench in this, no matter what, as Silva seems determined for bigger fighters, and GSP the converse.

Sorry fight fans. This seems to be the direction the two look to go in. No way around it, unless...