Green Bay Packers: Everlasting Brett Favre Rivalry Comes To an End This Sunday

Ryan CookFeatured ColumnistNovember 20, 2010

He's like that old piece of china you can't throw away, or a long lost teddy bear that is kept and treasured in a closet for decades at a time.  Except in Brett Favre's case, the Green Bay Packers will never forget the No.4.

I for one didn't expect to see the day Brett Favre would return to football this year. 

Battered from pillar to post like a school yard bag, head coach Brad Childress seemed to wipe away any doubts of Favre's return in August, with one swift stroke of his gray beard and a single text message to bring the old timer out of potential retirement.

What do we have for Childress' way with words?

A Brett Favre persona that has lived up to his interception style character, but has been one of the sole reasons for the Vikings 3-6 record on the year, even though numerous other factors have contributed to this downfall.

This weekend however, expect a much more revitalized Minnesota Vikings.

It's that time again, when David and Goliath go head to head in the NFL.  New England vs. Pittsburgh may have dazzled fans last Sunday Night, but with Aaron Rodgers and company bearing the slingshot, Green Bay can put an end to Brett Favre's glory days well and truly this weekend.

At the same time, Brett Favre looks to turn the tides on the situation.  Super Bowl picks by many experts, the Packers tumbled unwillingly to the second spot in the NFC North on Thursday Night, when the Bears so easily shot the Dolphins one hefty 16-0 blow.

Now the Packers look to bounce back and still reach the playoffs.

But in head coach Mike McCarthy's way is the teams all time biggest rival - their former quarterback.  Floyd Mayweather may be undefeated in the ring, but Brett Favre saw his previous 2-0 record take a  backseat nearly a month ago, when the green and gold notched their first win over the Vikings in over a year.

Maybe it was partially good luck that Favre slipped, stumbled, and missed Randy Moss in the back of the endzone that night, or perhaps it was fate that the Vikings missed a golden opportunity to step up to 3-0 over their rivals.

Whatever the reason being, Green Bay has the upper hand flying into Minnesota right now.

If you like to pay attention to the insignificant, take note of the fact that the Packers kept it simple heading up North this weekend. President Mark Murphy chose to take it easy and fly coach into purple territory, even though he probably copped more than a few slurs from the Minnesota public who recognized him.

"So where has this laid back attitude come from?" I hear you ask. 

Don't jump to conclusions just yet, because chances are Clay Matthews hasn't engaged in any herbal tea remedies during the bye week.

While you're still pursuing though, point a finger at the very underrated Head Coach of the Year Nominee Mike McCarthy, whose quick witted coaching ways have changed the face of the 2010 Packers for the better.

Yep, believe it or not the man that most Packer fans take for granted has placed the green and gold in this position.  Calm coaching moves haven't been easy at times this season, and God knows the intensity fires up when footballs version of Jesus Christ comes to town.

Those doubting Big M though, he is by far no Vince Lombardi just yet.

Next up for the Packers confident ways is the defensive structure.  The Cowboys hired Jason Garrett as the new head coach?  That's a great move for now, but surely Jerry Jones would like to take a look at Dom Capers if he is given the chance.

Now we come to another underrated coach from Green Bay just behind Double M.  For the record the Packers have always been noted for their defense (Wikipedia Reggie White if you wish), but for all of Green Bay's star power (Again, search Ray Nitschke), Dom Capers has really flown under the radar.

If you're looking for some stats on the Packers, currently Green Bay isn't ranked in the Top 5 defenses in the league. Where the Packers are ranked though is 13th - a funny statistic considering Clay Matthews could bring a house down with one flick of his goldy-locks hair if he were to try.

Looking past all of the Packers confident ways, Minnesota now looks to act as the ultimate buzzkill this Sunday.

Staying with the statistical theme, Brett Favre has thrown for 2,066 yards, 10 touchdowns and 16 interceptions this year, a factor that should widen the smile for Charles Woodson and rising star cornerback Tramon Williams.

Positives for the Vikings?

There are a few amongst the rough if you attempt to search for them.

Firstly, the Vikings have a dead serious running game.  Last year Adrian Peterson spilled the ball like it was part of his job - this year, don't expect to see the man just mentioned, Charles Woodson, punch the brown leather from under AP's pads.

Secondly, Minnesota's defense is just as good as Green Bay's.  No, the "big name" factor mightn't be there, but the Vikings are ranked 9th in both pass and rush yards, something that Aaron Rodgers needs to be aware of.

Lastly and most importantly, the simple fact remains that the Vikings play the Packers well.  If Week 7 doesn't do it for you, whack in some (tapes?) of last year, and write down how intense Minnesota line up following the huddle.

It may not be Nightmare On Elm Street scary, but there is some intensity behind those facemasks.

Take a good look at it Packer fans, it will be a sight to behold.  We've already seen three pieces of this cake go down, and now the Packers look to make it all even Steven against their biggest rival of the recent decade.

It's all over red rover - and it's time to bury the hatchet.

This Sunday, things will play out as normal - Green Bay will take the field to a chorus of boos, and Favre will be applauded as he ducks his head and smiles while awaiting high fives from his teammates (including returning receiver Sidney Rice).

At the end?

The usual handshake, followed by the light bulbs that ordinarily ruin a monumental picture.

This time around though, maybe, just maybe (barring a Favre 2011 comeback), this epic storyline will be finished.


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Ryan Cook is an Australian Featured Columnist for Bleacher Report. He is also an NFL columnist for Real Sports Net and a Green Bay Packers writer for Fan Huddle and PackerChatters. Ryan is also a contributing writer for Detroit Lions Talk, Gack Sports and Generation Y Sports.