Chris Jericho IS Wrestling

'Rowdy' Ross RutherfordSenior Analyst IAugust 29, 2008

In just the small time frame of four months Jericho has redefined what it is to be a heel. He has been nothing less than pure gold.  Jericho has been the highlight of the WWE's less-than-thrilling summer.

CM Punk winning the title seemed to be for sheer shock and nothing else. Kane's whole bag thing left me disappointed and there isn't much going on over on Smackdown. The only two things I seemed to be interested in right now or anything Jericho/Michaels and Brian Kendrick’s push (I knew he had it in him). Back to Jericho now, sorry.

If you can find another man (who isn't The Rock or Foley) who can outdo Jericho on the microphone, I will gladly give you a "Pick of the Day" vote for free.  Jericho has been gold on the microphone lately, but he is so much more than a great talker, you see.

Though WWE hasn't gave Jericho too much ring time, we all know Jericho can still deliver in the ring. He can just as easily have a submission match as he can a ladder match. That is one of Jericho’s biggest selling points. The man is so versatile. He can do just about anything management calls upon him to do. 

Now the "Y2J" I'm talking about here is not the Jericho that came to the ring and made fun of his opponent's hair to get a cheap pop from the crowd.  I'm talking about a completely different person.

I'm talking about the Chris Jericho that despises everything Shawn Michaels stands for. I'm talking about the Jericho that comes out every Monday night and makes a believer out of me when I say, "Chris Jericho is everything a wrestling fan could love about wrestling today."

Jericho can make you care when he speaks. He doesn’t just come to the ring and say words. No, he comes to the ring and expresses feeling and ideas. Most other guys backstage are told exactly what to say. So when it comes out, it just sounds like they are more focused on remembering their lines are than making a connection with me, thus defeateating the purpose of a "promo". 

Jericho comes out and says something, and you can just tell those are his words and that in a real situation he would actually say that to someone. Can any other wrestler in the WWE or TNA make you feel real emotion, and I mean real raw emotion? For me that would be a big NO!

Shawn Michaels and Chris Jericho have had the best feud of the year and have made everything else in the WWE seem less important. Jericho is everything a good heel, or any wrestler for that matter, should be. He can get it done on the microphone and deliver in the ring as well. He also never minds putting over a young guy (Kofi Kingston for example).

Jericho should finish his epic feud with Michaels around January and then have the "King of the World" win the Royal Rumble and Have Y2J have his moment in the sun at Wrestlemania. Then he can come on TV and tell us how he did it without any of our help and how much he deserves this and go on about Shawn Michaels and (insert former champions name here) can't hold a candle to him (I would eat that sort of thing up).

Once WWE starts giving Jericho a chance to get it done in the ring, and I mean really get it done in the ring, it will only be a matter of time before "Y2J" turns his sights toward the World Heavyweight Title and then Raw, Smackdown, ECW, WWE, TNA, ROH, FCW, the United States, and the World will NEEEVVVVVVVEEEERRRR, EEEEVVVVEEERRRR be the same AAGGGAAAAIINNN!!!!

Jericho IS wrestling, no doubt about it.