Wilkinsgate: Ron Gourlay Needs To Come Clean To Chelsea Fans

Andrew KearneyCorrespondent INovember 20, 2010

Chelsea Chief Executive Ron Gourlay
Chelsea Chief Executive Ron Gourlay

As Chelsea's woeful form continues following a loss to Birmingham City and the Ray Wilkins saga takes another turn, the question on Chelsea fans minds is simply: what exactly is going on at our club?

One person who can answer a large part of that question is Chelsea Chief Executive Ron Gourlay.

It was Gourlay who took the decision to terminate assistant manager Ray Wilkins contract last week. No formal explanation was given for the reasoning behind this.

It is not clear whether manager Carlo Ancelotti had any prior knowledge of Wilkins' dismissal, and he has denied any involvement in the affair.

Head of scouting operations Michael Emenalo was appointed new assistant manager on Thursday. However, Emenalo has no previous experience as an assistant manager, even lacking the coaching qualifications required for the role.

Ancelotti has already said in a press conference he will not be coaching the first team.

Now Wilkins, backed by the League Manager's Association (LMA), is claiming unfair dismissal by the club.

In a statement released by the LMA, Wilkins said, "I am very disappointed that the board decided that I had no further contribution to make at Chelsea Football Club which has played such a huge part in my life.

"The LMA's legal advisors are assisting me in obtaining answers to a number of questions arising from my undoubtedly unfair dismissal, and all efforts are being made to reach an amicable solution."

Wilkins is not the only one seeking answers.

Why was Wilkins fired (and fired he most certainly was)?

If it was always the plan to do so, why was it not done in the summer when we could have adequately prepared ourselves?

Why was it done without Ancelotti's consent? Surely of all within the club, his opinion should speak loudest when it comes to first team affairs.

Why do Chelsea now have an inexperienced, under-qualified coach whom Ancelotti clearly doesn't want as our assistant manager?

Is it purely cost-cutting? Chelsea fans understand the need to reduce our losses but this can't be done to the detriment of the first team.

It seems evident that the fall out from the Wilkins affair is seeping through to the players. There is clear unrest within the camp.

It's over to you now, Ron. All is not yet lost but fans need some transparency.

We need to know just what exactly is going on.