Kane's Final Run Will Be Memorable

Nick RobertoCorrespondent IAugust 29, 2008

Glen Jacobs made his professional wrestling debut in 1993 in WCW as Bruiser Mastino. He had his fair share of corny gimmicks, traveling back and forth from US to Japan, and from federation to federation—just like most other wrestlers you see today.

But the man we know as Kane, the brother of the legendary Undertaker, debuted in October, 1997.

Kane has had one hell of a career, and one of the most noteworthy aspects of his career is his injury list, or lack thereof. The only injury off the top of my head is the hand injury back in 1999. This guy rarely gets hurt, he's like a machine—or should I say like a big red machine. Dumb joke.

Although, Kane isn't exactly unfamiliar with injury because he can dish out some serious punishment to his opponents. It seems the older he has gotten, the stiffer his moves have been, and I think it's absolutely great.

He also held the WWE Championship one time, only to lose it the next night. Still, he has the prestigious title of "former WWE Champion" under his belt, which sounds good for anybody.

Now, anybody who has a brother, younger or older, knows you fight. It happens, it's part of growing up together. Kane's got an older brother and they're no exception—they've been fighting off and on for years. And their bouts make you and your sibling's fights look like a slow-dance at a high school prom.

After a lengthy, strong, awesome career, I think Kane's going to be hanging up the boots for good soon. He's in his low 40s, and even if your'e tough enough to survive your house burning down while you stay inside, age is going to catch up to you. Especially after a 15+ year career.

I honestly think that where they took the burlap sack angle (Rey Mysterio) was not what the bookers and writers originally intended. The week he first turned heel and attacked Michael Cole, I knew he was stepping up for something big. The big push he's getting is going to be his last big run. 

He's put on a great show over the years and has been very entertaining to all of us. A veteran like Kane deserves to hold the World Championship if this is his last run. There's not a wrestling fan out there that says "I don't like Kane." At least I've never heard it.

The week after his heel turn, he showed up with the burlap sack. My original thought was it was his mask inside, and it got me and the rest of the wrestling world extremely excited.

I had a whole vision of what was going to happen for Kane's last run. 

He was going to lose for a few more weeks and keep getting frustrated over it. Then he was to pull out his mask, put it on, and he would become unstoppable. Almost like Festus and the ring bell on SmackDown, but no ridiculous faces or screaming and with credibility.

He was to start running through all opponents and eventually get the the World Champ and beat him for the title. Then he'd have a few month run with the championship, until he lost and retired at WrestleMania 25. Sounded good to me, but obviously it didn't happen.

No, instead he pulls out Rey Mysterio's mask. I don't like Mysterio. Never did, ever since WCW. I don't like high-flyers unless they can do more styles with it. I'm more with the strength styles and the technical styles. When Mysterio's in the ring, he's two feet smaller and 100 lbs less than his opponent.

He flies around from one turnbuckle to the next landing on guys that should catch him and plant him in the ground. My favorite thing he's ever done was get Jackknifed by Kevin Nash in WCW and folded in half twice.

Just kidding, I think he got injured pretty damn badly then.  But enough ranting on the wrestler I dislike the most out of all the wrestlers today.

Hopefully this mask thing has a short run and fades away, so Kane can finally get his last run, and his well-deserved World Championship. I don't think anyone would disagree about it.

Kane's body has changed, and you can see he is in pain sometimes in the ring. But he's got that last run in him, and I think now's the time for him to step up and get that championship to go out on top.