San Diego Chargers' Proposed New Uniforms Going In Wrong Direction

Justin Peniche@justinpenicheCorrespondent INovember 20, 2010

Artist rendering of Chargers 2012 Nike uniform
Artist rendering of Chargers 2012 Nike uniform

The first sign that the apocalypse may actually be coming in 2012 is Nike's artist renderings of the proposed new NFL uniforms when they take over the contract from Reebok.  

While some teams proposed new looks provide some significant upgrades to the current design, some are just flat out blasphemous, and the Chargers are straight up ugly.

The NFL Network recently aired a half-hour special highlighting the best 10 uniforms in NFL history. No. 2 on that list was a general selection that included all throwback uniforms.  

Former players and sports writers discussed several classic throwbacks and the Chargers powder blues were suspiciously missing.  But then the NFL Network totally redeemed themselves by selecting the Chargers throwbacks as the No. 1 uniform in NFL History.

Nike's rendering of a new Chargers uniform looks like what an Arena Football team might wear if they were playing in outer space.

While the "leaked" artist renderings for the proposed 2012 NFL uniforms are rumored to be completely fake, it's worth noting how brutally atrocious they look.  The jersey is far too busy and the yellow pants aggressively provoke the gag reflex.  

Chargers fans have been saying for years the team should return to their classic powder blue uniforms.

The Chargers do wear an updated version of the powder blues a couple times per season and wore the exact jerseys several times last year when the NFL celebrated the 50th anniversary of the AFL.  

If Nike does plan to change the Chargers uniform they should consider tapping into the past rather than promoting the future.  The original powder blue uniforms could use some slight modernization but should stay true to the color schemes and beautiful simplicity. 

Never, under any circumstance, should the Chargers return to wearing the horrible yellow pants that plagued their uniform in the late '70s and through the '80s.    

Any changes to the Chargers uniform should evoke the class and tradition of the old powder blues.  If Nike does go forward with the new design, I will be forced to contact the fashion police and make a citizens arrest for disturbing the peace.