Packers Lose Preseason Finale but Can Still Claim Victory

Josh AchterbergContributor IAugust 29, 2008

The Green Bay Packers fell to the Tennessee Titans on Thursday night 23-21, but came away with more than just a loss. They came away with knowledge.

Knowledge that will aid them in trimming their roster down to 53 players by Saturday. Knowledge that they have a team that should be considered armed and dangerous.

The first team offense was in the game for all of one play but in that play they showed that they were completely capable of scoring. They gained some much needed confidence from both the fans and themselves.

Aaron Rodgers threw a perfect strike to Greg Jennings that went 68 yards for a touchdown and that was all she wrote for the first string offense. They never saw the field again.

After that play, the team had its difficulties on both offense and defense but were able to show many good things that the team can take away from the loss and use as building blocks.

For example, the defense was able to turn away the Titans offense again and again when they were knocking on the door, forcing the Titans to settle for field goals instead of touchdowns. They also got extensive views, both good and bad, of certain players fighting for roster spots.

The good:

Matt Flynn-

Matt Flynn was able to in my mind finally put to rest the question of who should backup Aaron Rodgers at quarterback. Whether the team makes the right choice is yet to be seen, but Flynn took the spot in my mind while Brian Brohm pretty much gave it away (see below).

Kregg Lumpkin-

I believe Lumpkin secured his roster spot with his solid performance and pushed either Herron or Morency out when cuts come. His performance is everything that you want to see from a rookie trying to make the team: never quitting, always trying to make something happen without costing the team in mistakes.

The Bad:

Brett Swain-

Swain did nothing but hurt his chances for making the team with his lack of performance and mistake after mistake. If it wasn’t dropping catches it was calling for fair catches without a tackler within 10 yards of him on a punt return. This kind of play is unacceptable and will cost Swain a roster spot. If he’s lucky, he may and I repeat MAY be offered a practice squad spot, but I would be surprised.

Brian Brohm-

The backup quarterback spot was Brohm’s for the taking and he dropped the ball, pun intended. He was unable to move the offense, fumbled the ball on more then one occasion and never looked comfortable behind center. Now I know that he was using the backup line who couldn’t block, but so was Flynn and he was able to move the ball.

All in all, the game was pretty good and I was actually proud to be a Packer fan last night. I’m excited to see how the starters play come a week from Monday when the Minnesota Vikings roll into town.