Kaval vs. Ziggler: WWE Survivor Series Intercontinental Match

John KindelanAnalyst IIINovember 19, 2010

Looks like this Sunday at Survivor Series we are going to see the Intercontinental Championship defended by Dolph Ziggler against NXT Season 2 winner Kaval.

This will be only the fifth time the IC belt has been defended in the entire history of Survivor Series history.

The first time was back in 1997: A superstar you may have heard of, Steve Austin, won the belt from the champion, Owen Hart. Of course, this match is completely over shadowed by the fact that it takes place the same night as Owen's brother Bret's most famous match of all. The title match against Shawn Michaels and the infamous Montreal screw job.

The next time we would see the title on the Survivor Series Card is two years later in a match lasting just under 14 minutes between two unlikely opponents, Chyna vs. Chris Jericho. Chyna would actually retain her title and deny the nine-time intercontinental champion a victory.

Fast-forward another two years to the famous Alliance battle against the WWE where Vince and Linda and the WWE superstars put the company on the line against their kids Shane and Stephanie and the WCW/ECW alliance. The IC belt and the United States Championship belt from WCW were for the first time ever unified, making history in a match between the late Andrew Martin, Test and Edge. Edge won the match being the first unified IC/US champion.

Then three years later, in 2004 Shelton Benjamin defeated Christian, with Tyson Tomko. A back and forth match with both men putting on their A game and Tomko trying to interfere and help Christian win the match ended with Benjamin walking away the champion.

While looking at the history of Survivor Series, we can't say that champions or challengers have the advantage; we can say that one thing is dominant: Faces walk out of Survivor Series with the IC Belt.

Lets also consider this: We currently have Daniel Bryan holding the US championship, Wade Barrett is up for the WWE Championship match, Nexus holds the tag belts on Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel, is it wrong to think one more person from an NXT show will be holding gold? Or is this the master plan, Barret and Kaval win bringing all the gold to all of the rookies of NXT, where we then continue long story of Nexus and they grow and hold every title in the WWE?