Team Del Rio Will Beat Team Mysterio, and Other Survivor Series Picks

Kenneth KonarzewskiContributor INovember 19, 2010

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The upcoming Survivor Series card, although not as good as a typical Survivor Series card, looks pretty positive. I think to hold the tradition of Survivor Series they decided to bring in the feud between Rey and Del Rio and do the typical ‘face’ v ‘heel’ Survivor Series matchup. This article will break down each match and why each person could win each matchup.

We will start with the Divas matchup between Lay-Cool and Natalya. This is the latest of title matches between Natalya and Lay-Cool. 

Why Natalya will win- With the breakup of the Hart Dynasty on Monday Night Raw, Natalya will most likely continue to valet her real life boyfriend, Tyson Kidd. What better way to help Tyson Kidd be more credible than to have the Diva’s title on Natalya. Think back to Beth Phoenix and Santino.

Why Lay-Cool will win- This is my personal pick. I think Lay-Cool has a lot of heat on them, especially with the recent Monday Night Raw where they basically became the enemies of every Diva out there. I think together they are amazing heel’s and can run with their gimmick for a long time. They will lose their title, but I don’t think it will be to Natalya or right now. Look for a new diva to come out and challenge them. My guess is the return of Melina, or maybe even Gail Kim or Kelly Kelly. 

Next we have John Morrison versus Sheamus.  This has had little build up, but it’s actually been built up with Santino. Santino has been upsetting Sheamus every week with his gimmicks, including tea parties and beating him with a roll up. While anytime Sheamus legitimately fights Santino it’s usually a squash, John Morrison has been sticking up for him, in hopes to irritate Sheamus enough to get a match. 

Why John Morrison will win- This is my personal pick. Although I dislike John Morrison and feel his name should be the “Shaman of Setup” as opposed to the “Shaman of Sexy,” it seems that the WWE wants to push him, and take advantage of his parkour skill, and use it in the ring.

Although to a lot of the IWC it’s a joke, parkour takes a lot of practice, effort and balls. I don’t think Morrison is a very good wrestler and I think his in ring work needs a lot of help, but I think with the help of Sheamus a good match can occur and he can progress into the upper card. 

Why Sheamus will win- The brute force of Sheamus should be able to overtake John Morrison. He’s still up there in title contention and still shows his strengths with how badly he buries wrestlers like Daniel Bryan. Honestly, there really is no other reason that Sheamus should win from a writing perspective. 

We then have an US title match between Ted DiBiase and Daniel Bryan. Why this match is happening other than to get more face time for Daniel Bryan, I have no idea. No build up, nothing to go off.

Why Daniel Bryan will win- There is no reason why he should lose really. Ted doesn’t need a title shot right now and it seems to be just a filler match. Everyone loves Daniel Bryan and he is a very talented wrestler.

Why Ted DiBiase Jr will win- Shock factor and to start a feud. It’s very obvious that Daniel Bryan and CM Punk were to start a feud, but they had to scratch that with CM Punk’s injury. With that in mind, I can see Ted winning the title right now and then lose it maybe on a Monday Night Raw. Look for a non clean win if Ted wins though. 

Dolph Ziggler and Kaval will be fighting for the IC Title, and I think the WWE is going to build this feud up for a little bit. I can foresee a possible Kaval v Daniel Bryan for the unification of the titles, which would not only be a good match, but appease the IWC.

No real back story goes with this match, as Kaval is just invoking his title shot he gets for winning NXT Season 2. Dolph has been on a roll and has had some very good matches with Daniel Bryan, but there is always parity in the WWE so there probably will not be two face champions for the 2nd tier belt.

Why Dolph Ziggler will win- This is my pick. No buildup right away. I can see a decent program between Kaval and Ziggler for the next month that could even end at the Royal Rumble with Kaval winning the championship (my feeling). Dolph takes this with the help of Vickie by his side and I think he continues as the US champion. There’s no reason to put a title on Kaval right now when I feel they have future plans for him.

Why Kaval will win- He's a good wrestler and this could make all the IWC happy, but I just don’t think it’s his time. What a lot of people don’t understand is that Kaval is still a ‘rookie’ in the WWE, therefore he should not be fighting for titles right away.  His losses to Chavo and Drew are testaments to that, but those matches were great matches.  He’s invoking his title clause after winning NXT, but I don’t think it’s his time yet. 

The tag titles are on the line as Santino and Kozlov beat the Uso’s this past Monday night to get their title shot. The WWE tag division is lacking, but the comic relief between Kozlov and Santino helps keep it together. With the Nexus holding on to the title, I could have figured to see the Nexus start winning belts, but I think they’re just holding the belts until a tag division is rebuilt. I’m hoping it’s soon, but I personally don’t write for the WWE, so I just don’t know. 

Why Santino/Kozlov will win- This is oddly enough my pick. I like these two, and I think between the strength of Kozlov and the mic abilities of Santino, they can start and carry a really good tag division. Give these guys the torch and let them run with it. 

Why Nexus will win- There really is no ‘good’ reason to put the titles on Santino/Kozlov. Slater and Gabriel are going to help give the Nexus the gold, and along with Wade, they can carry two of the three major titles on Raw. 

With Undertakers injury they could not keep the Taker / Kane program going so they have to go to plan B, which is using the new Smackdown superstar Edge. Between Edge and Kane, I think their promos are helping Smackdown not just be the “wrestling show,” and actually have entertainment. I’ve been enjoying it and I think this could last for a little longer, maybe last until TLC since that is Edge’s match. 

Why Kane will win- Paul will play a large factor in this match, as I think he will get his revenge on Edge for kidnapping him. Kane and his promos have been amazing these past few months and I’m glad the WWE has given him the TV time to do so. This is Kanes match to win, and win he will

Why Edge will win- Contrary to why Kane will win, Paul could turn on Kane for not protecting him and give Edge the win with the title going into TLC. This could mean that another person could step up into the title scene (maybe Del Rio).

Randy Orton is now stuck in a predicament with this whole ordeal. John Cena, the special guest referee, will get fired if Wade Barrett doesn’t win. We all know Cena won’t get fired, so there are two choices, either Barrett wins or there is a swervy swerve.

Why Wade Barrett will win- This is my pick, and I think Barrett will win cleanly. Look for a little Nexus interference, but I think Cena will stop it from happening. Barrett wins cleanly, there is no interference from The Miz cashing in and John Cena will be free. 

Why Randy Orton will win- Here’s where the swerve comes. Look at how many people have been fired, but came back right away. Let’s not forget the Calgary Kid (The Miz) winning a contract against Eugene and coming back in. I don’t think the Wade win is a guarantee, but it sure is looking that way. 

We now have a traditional Survivor Series matchup between Team Del Rio and Team Mysterio. For Team Del Rio we have Alberto Del Rio, Jack Swagger, Cody Rhodes, Drew McIntyre and Tyler Reks. For Team Mysterio we have Rey Mysterio, MVP, Kofi Kingston and Chris Masters. This could end the Rey / Del Rio feud, but I still think it’s going to continue.

Why Team Del Rio will win- This is my pick. Although you don’t have a person that can match up with the Big Show, I expect something like Jack Swaggers Ankle Lock or Del Rio’s arm bar for him to get through. Expect a 1v1 finish between Del Rio and Rey, and the winner by arm bar will be Del Rio.

Why Team Mysterio will win- Along with two former champions, you have MVP, Kofi and Masters, who the WWE would like to push. Masters has been having the best matches of his career, including the one against Kane, which was probably the best. Since this is a face vs. heel matchup, you could see nearly a clean sweep with Mysterio’s team winning. 

These opinions are my opinions and my opinions only. If you don’t like them, too bad. Present your own in the comments section.