WWE's Talent: Over worked and Broken Down.

'Rowdy' Ross RutherfordSenior Analyst INovember 27, 2016

Last week during my Geometry class I was thinking about John Cena's injury and I remember someone posting an article here saying something about John Cena not being able to keep himself healthy. I thought that was a dumb observation and I will tell you why.


[Please note if there is anything in this article that you think/know is incorrect or false please tell me and I will change it if I see fit. I'm only going off what I have read and remember from other sources.]


Okay WWE has around 300 shows per Year and the boys are always on the move. Planes, Rental Cars, and all other transportation are paid for out of their pockets (unless your names Undertaker, Triple H, or Shawn Michaels).  Anyways, all of the WWE’s talent is moving from show to show on a daily basis without rest or breaks. That would be exhausting. Here is an example. This is a quote from Stephanie McMahon (Vince McMahon’s daughter):


“Typically we leave on Sunday night or Monday morning and we fly to the town Raw is going to be in. Then we go to the next town, sleep for a few hours, and get up and have a meeting for Smackdown! Then we go to the arena and the process starts all over again. Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday I’m in the office (The rest of WWE’s talent would be at house shows).”- Stephanie McMahon.


While the “Boss’ Daughter” may have it pretty ruff, just imagine what it is like working the same schedule, but wrestling instead of writing or running the show backstage. Of course every superstars schedule is different, but everybody is constantly working. So a superstar is always on the go. Which brings us back to injuries the whole point of my writing this article. Just about every other week we see a WWE Superstar injured from an accident that occurs in WWE’s ring. That is a little too often for anyone’s standard. I know WWE pays for the hospital bills and all that, and they also pay the superstar while there out recovering?   Which means WWE is paying people for sitting at home injured.

Who or better yet what is to blame for all of these injuries? Oh yeah, once again the schedule. How many Football or Basketball teams do you see out on the field or court playing every night? What is that? None really, are you telling me that the WWE superstars are getting injured due to the ridicules schedule they have to work in order to keep their job and feed their families? Yes :). It is simple if you work anything to hard it is going to break down. Then when the talent comes back and works the same ridiculous schedule. Well what is stopping them from getting injured again? Hope and hope doesn’t always pay the bills. Eventually they are going to get injured again, and again, and again. Unless WWE starts cutting down their work schedule there will be no less injuries. It’s a lose, lose situation.

The talent is hurting  and the WWE is paying eveybody sitting at home imnjured and thus WWE loses money. With the constant performing, traveling, injuries, and being away from their loved one no wonder so many wrestlers die young and turn to drugs. WWE is putting so much pressure on their talent that they are endangering the superstars.

All the talent works extremely hard and for what? Sure they get a nice pay day, but there always away from their families and all are almost guaranteed to get hurt somewhere down the line. Is it worth it? If you asked them they would say “hell yeah”, but somewhere down the line they grow up and see that the WWE is working the talent too hard. Kurt Angle left for that very reason. Here is a quote from Kurt Angle on why he left the WWE:


“WWE was kind of running me in the ground, doing over 300 dates a year. It started getting really hard on my family, [and] hard on me. I had a lot of injuries. I had four neck injuries and I had two neck surgeries. Broken bones and I was still wrestling full time!  I was never getting any time off!! “-Kurt Angle.


If that’s not proof enough for you that WWE is picking apart and shorting the lifes of their talent then I don’t know what is. The bottom line here is WWE has to do something. I think easing up on all of the dates and live event and house shows they do each year will help out allot.  The superstars won’t be injured as often and will perform better as a result. I understand WWE may lose some money, but no more than they would lose when their top star (John Cena) is out injured. Am I right? I think so.

I hope WWE dose something or they or going to ruin wrestling for me, the fans, and most importantly the lives of their preformers.


Thank you for reading as always


-Ross :)