WWE Smackdown!, The Real Flagship Show?

Troy MahabirContributor IAugust 29, 2008

                      Many have asked the question, which show is better? Which show is the real "A" show of WWE. Many have said WWE Raw, I've even gotten some comments about ECW being the show to steal it all. However, not so many people seem to choose WWE Smackdown Which is very disappointing. After the draft that shook up the entire WWE universe, I'd like to say that WWE Smackdown has become the "A" show; it’s possible that it may have been for a very long time now.


                      As Raw's ratings fall, Smackdown holds a strong base. With the voice of wrestling, good ol' J.R - Jim Ross, making the move to Smackdown, it gives us that old school feel of wrestling we are so accustom to having. Then we have The Game, Triple H. This move was a very smart idea by the WWE. I've always wanted to see Triple H on Smackdown His presence there is grateful for Smackdown. Not to mention the new feuds we can begin to see, for example, the main event possible for Wrestlemania 25. Triple H vs. The Undertaker. This match it's self is a dream for all old school wrestling fans, two of the greatest workers in the industry battling it out for the richest prize of the business. However, we will have to wait for that match until WWE feel's it is time. Now Smackdown has many potential stars coming up in there roster. The likes of M.V.P, Umaga, Ken Kennedy, Jeff Hardy, to name a few, plus all the old favorites such as, Triple H, Undertaker, Edge, Big Show, Shelton Benjamin. The newest edition to the show, Ron "The Truth" Killings is even making an impact.


                      All the talent on Smackdown is getting better every week. Vladimir Kozlov is someone that can go very far in the business if pushed right. I hope WWE will see what a jewel he is to the company. They have all the star power, now they need to capitalize on it. Now Monday Night Raw is an incredible show. The live aspect of the show is definitely a plus to the show. Something many wish Smackdown had, maybe in the future will. However, Raw is the only Live show in all of Professional wrestling. However, Raw's star power is there, its just lacking a bit. You've got guys like: John Cena and Batista, who many don't want to have the title, but know soon enough that belt is going back to them. I'd love to see JBL get that title back and have a run with it or Kane have a run with that title. I've said it before and will say it again; Kane is Raw's best kept secret. If they made him that crazed maniac he once was, he would be a figure head for WWE programming. All in due time I hope.


                     Of course i have to go back to the Live aspect of Monday Night Raw. I feel that is a main reason why many still watch the show. That "Anything can happen" feeling people want is there. A friend of mine, said to me that Raw is the place for charisma. I'd have to agree with him there. You've got guys like Chris Jericho, Shawn Michaels, Batista, John Cena, Kane, JBL, who have great charisma. I'd have to say though that Smackdown has the better wrestling. Smackdown!'s charisma is growing though with the likes of M.V.P, Ken Kennedy, Triple H, and Edge. In 2006 I would've considered Raw the flagship show. However, In 2008 I'd say that Smackdown, is taking that right from Raw and placing it on its turf.


                    In my opinion, that’s were it should rightfully be. With every passing second Smackdown grows stronger and better, while, Raw stays the constant, with its same broadcasting. Smackdown's match at SummerSlam saved the PPV. I'd like to believe that soon Smackdown won't be saving anything, but rather be the matches the public expects to see put on a good show and will wait for it. Many have said Smackdown relates to more kids, that’s true. However, that’s not a bad thing. Smackdown Targets kids but also young adults and adults in general. Raw is only looking for the adults, that’s what's they are getting. Now that Raw has Rey Mysterio, they think he will bring the Latin and children vote to Raw and not only Smackdown, only time will tell if it worked or not.


                     If you asked me right now at this very moment, "Which show is the real flagship show?" I'd have to say Smackdown. If things go right, if you ask me 2 years from now, "Which show is the real flagship show?" I'd again say, WWE Smackdown. All the talent is there for the picking on Smackdown, if they do something about it...Raw better move over, because a bigger and better ship is coming to town... The S.S. Smackdown!.