Hope in College Football Longhorn Edition

Michael BergmanCorrespondent IAugust 29, 2008

So here are my top ten hopes for the upcoming Longhorn Football season.  Please read my other article: Hope in College Football: The Top 25 Edition.

10. I hope we develop a homefield advantage.  With the added seats, their closer proximity to the field and a lot of enthusiasm regarding change in the stadium over the last 2 years, I hope the fans finally get loud and crazy enough to actually make a difference. 

We've always been one of the quieter crowds in CFB relative to our size.  There are a lot of things that the SEC tries to hold over our head, but the only one that I'm truly envious of is their stadium atmosphere.  Get up fans and don't sit until at least halftime!  Make some noise!

9. I hope Colt McCoy returns to freshman form at the very least.  I really feel like this guy could be a Heisman finalist with some protection from the O-line, a commitment to play within himself, and a little help from some talented yet untested skill players (minus Quan, and Jordan).

Colt's received a lot of flack from haters on message boards and here on B/R about a season that was actually pretty good.  Yes he had a lot of INTs, but the rest was pretty excellent.

8. I hope we beat the crap out of Texas Tech.  Call me a traditionalist or whatever, but I like it when the big boys get the hype, not no-name teams who've done very little in the way of real accomplishments. 

Do I enjoy watching Tech's style of offense? Yes.  Do I hope they beat OU and any non-conference opponent therefore making the Big 12 and the state of Texas look good?  Yes.  But are they the 2nd best team in the South or top 10 material?  Hell, no!  I hate undeserved hype and Tech is getting loads of it this offseason.  Plus I think they have the worst group of Big 12 fans outside of Norman.

7. I hope the D-line lives up to it's hype.  Yeah I know I just complained about hype, but all of the hype the Texas D-line has received has been coming out of Austin, so it's not like ESPN is force-feeding you.  Roy Miller, Brian Orakpo, and the boys have been getting a lot of praise about how nasty and unstoppable they've been in practice. 

This excites me for a couple of reasons.  A. We haven't had a great pass rush in a long time.  B. Their success will be critical to a better pass defense and the development of the secondary C. I don't know that we've ever been described as nasty, since I've been following the team.

6. I hope the WRs are spectacular.  I have to admit that even though they may be the prima-donnas of the football world, WR is my favorite position.  My all-time favorite player is Roy Williams, and I look for the new one each year.  Limas was good, but really only dominant for one full season, and never had the flare that Roy had. 

I hear a lot of good things about three or four of of the young WRs and it has me pumped.  I'm also rooting heavily for the vet, Jordan Shipley.  He's had so many injuries and setbacks.  He's a great guy and deserves success.  I hope he has an All-American type season, or at least All Big 12.

5. I hope the secondary can grow up fast, and that their play catches up with their talent very quickly.  For the past two seasons our secondary has been completely nightmare-ish.  It's the sole reason we lost a couple of big games, and is the most important thing to fix in order for us to succeed in the pass-heavy Big 12 this season.

4. I hope Muschamp stays at least one more year.  He's such a star, and you know he almost had a couple of big time head coaching jobs.  This is a grooming/wait and see kind of position right now.  I don't really think we're ready this season, but next we will be.  If Will leaves this season, it may retard our progress on D.

3. I hope we beat A&M.  They had no business beating us the last two years.  They're horrible and I'm tired of losing to both of our rivals.  If we don't reestablish our dominance, their new coach might start stealing some more high-profile recruits.  Plus their fans are so ridiculous.  I don't need ammo to show that we're better, but I would prefer if they didn't have anything to brag about.

2. I hope we beat OU.  I am filled with hate for them.  Please read my other Hope article.

1.  I hope we win the National Championship (duh!), the Big 12, and Mack finally puts the can't-win-the-big-one argument to rest because there are no GREAT/transcendent  players on the team currently.


What do you guys hope?