WWE Presents Their Annual September PPV Unforgiven...But How is it going to Be??

Brian WinkerContributor IAugust 29, 2008

Dear WWE Universe,

Now many of you know that in a few Weeks the WWE is going to have their annual September PPV know as WWE Unforgiven...But How is this PPV shaping up to be...Well lets take a run down of all the Matches shall we....

ECW Championship Scramble: Mark Henry(c) vs. Matt Hardy vs. The Miz vs. Chavo Guerrero vs. Finlay

Rating (On Scale of 5): 3


I Feel that this Match will be Predictable with Matt Hardy walking away with the Championship
Chavo had his title reign and should possibly go for a United States Title Run
The Miz i don't feel is ready for the ECW Title yet...i believe he's very talented but maybe get some more fueds for him before it happens
Finlay i believe his character is getting stale especially with Hornswaggle...He does the same thing and says the same thing over & Over again...Re Vamp His Character and then maybe some Gold for Finlay
WWE World Tag Team Championship: Ted Dibiase Jr & Cody Rhodes vs. Cryme Tyme

Rating: 2


I Truly believe that since both teams are very young that it shouldn't be on a Pay Per View...I believe this match is more suited on RAW and i also believe that Cryme Tyme is going to Lose and they're gonna continue this Feud through a few weeks on RAW
Unsactioned Match: Shawn Micheals vs. Chris Jericho

Rating: 4.5


I Think this is truely the right way to end this fued...Put both men in the ring and let them Tear Each other Appart. In this fued i believe that Shawn Micheals will come up on top but even though i think its so predictalbe i believe that the Ruthlessness of this Match will make it one to talk to for the ages.
WWE Championship Scramble: Triple H(c) vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Montel Vontavious Porter vs. "The Gold Standard" Shelton Benjamin vs. The Brian Kendrick

Rating: 3


The Match is trueling goin to be a toss up between Triple H retaining & Jeff hardy Winning...MVP is also in this Mix as they, i believe, are ready for a world title run
Smackdown did this match in an attempt to Test the Caliber of Shelton Benjamin & The Brian Kendrick to see if they are Capable of Being Future Main Eventers
World Heavyweight Championship Scrable: CM Punk(c) vs. JBL vs. Batista vs. Kane vs. Rey Mysterio



Even Though its very hard to pick the man who is going to win it. I feel that all 5 of these men will have the best Scramble as all of them are Former World Champs or are the current champ. I dont believe that Kane or Rey Mysterio will win the match as they have to start thier fued. I believe taht either Punk Or Batista will win the Match and possibly get attacked by Orton after the Match...And i know many of you are like, "But he reinjured himself in a Motorcycle accident" But the flaw in this is that the St. Louis Police never got an accident report of a Motorcycle accident...so it is my belief that it is a way to bring him back and get in the world title picture right away but that is just my Opinion
Rumored match: Winner of WWE Scramble vs. The Undertaker for WWE Title

Rating: ??(Depends who the Winner Is)


Well if its the Mid carders that their testin then it won't even be that great because they've never wrestled someone with the Undetaker's Caliber but it its Jeff Hardy or Triple H i think it will be a very good match as Jeff Hardy put on a great Ladder Match with The Undertaker once before and everyone's been Dying to see a Triple H/Taker Fued....even though they can't stand eachother...but well just have to see.
Overall PPV Rating (One Scale of 10): 5

Reasoning: I believe that some of the Matches on the Card will make the show very good such as Micheals vs. Jericho but to take up 1 hour of the same type of Match for the 3 Main Titles is a little Much i mean they could've each put their own twist on it somehow to add interest..but everyone will be seeing the same match 3 times in a row

I Do Believe that it will be a quality PPV and probably have many unexpected things happen but In My Opinion they need some more quality for this PPV...add some more matches and change them up or something. But we will see when the PPV Happens how Good it Will or Will Not Be...thanks again For Readying and Long Live the WWE Universe


Brian Winker-WWE Universe Fan