Andrej Meszaros' Offer Sheet: The Plot Thickens

Spencer CallaghanAnalyst IAugust 29, 2008

So, the wild world of the Andrej Meszaros offer sheet rumours has gotten even crazier.

How could that be? What could make such a situation even crazier than it already is?

Tampa Bay is involved, that's how.

It seems that Tampa may or may not have reacquired their own third round pick from Pittsburgh in order to make a ridiculously over-priced offer to Meszaros.

Yes, Tampa fans, your management team has lost their collective mind.

After trading away Dan Boyle, a proven veteran defenceman making $6.67 million, the geniuses in Tampa now want to blow slightly over $5 million on an unproven young defenceman who has an over-inflated view of his worth.

Oh, and they still have about 27 NHL forwards under contract (give or take a dozen).

The rumoured deal comes as it was revealed this morning that Tampa has demanded that Ottawa trade the young defenceman to them or risk an offer sheet.

The problem is that Tampa does not have the requisite first, second, and third round picks next season to offer in compensation, hence the deal with Pittsburgh to re-acquire their own third round pick.

Confused yet?

Of course this could all turn out to be nothing, but the insanity of it reeks of something that Tampa and their new Hollywood owners would try to do.