New England Patriots Preseason Wrap: 0-4, Could Bruschi Be Shown The Door?

Mike Dussault@PatsPropagandaSenior Analyst IAugust 29, 2008


Okay, I'll admit it. I'm just a little, tinsy bit worried. 

One can only rationalize for so long.


Without Tom Brady.

Not a single touchdown in the first half in any preseason game.

But Tom Brady wasn't playing.

31st in Total Yards.

I might be wrong, but I don't think Tom Brady took a single snap. 

29th in Points Allowed.

Well, Adalius Thomas didn't really play much, Mayo's a rookie, Pierre Woods hasn't played much linebacker, Fernando Bryant's getting used to the system, Hobbs was injured, and they're working out the kinks.

First Team Defense gave up first quarter drives of 57, 76, and 80 (twice) yards.

Well Belichick isn't really scheming. It's all about the scheme with the Hoodied One!

27th in Rushing Yards.

Yeah but its Preseason...

27th in Points Scored.

Really? Well that's not good...

28th in Passing yards.

Are you kidding? Okay, I give up. What the hell is up with the Pats?!

My biggest concerns:

Offensive Line, Run Defense, and Fernando Bryant. 

Again, just little concerns.

I still tend to think Bill Yates will be fine at Right Guard until Stephen Neal comes off PUP. 

I still believe no one on the first team defense is going full speed except for Mayo.

There are at least some other options at corner if Bryant is the second coming of Duane Starks. 

And finally, though its value is probably overblown, when Belichick actually starts game planning, things should look a whole lot better on D. I highly doubt Hobbs, Vrabel and Co. all just forgot how to tackle over the offseason.

Michael Lombardi thinks there's going to be some surprising cuts by Saturday, and even floats a rumor that he believes Bruschi will be cut (scroll down into the comments section). 

I really respect Lombardi but I would be absolutely blown away if Bruschi was cut.

He just reupped for two more years. We all know he's only a two down linebacker now.  But the leadership, experience, and personality that he brings to the locker room are irreplaceable.

More irreplaceable than any other veteran of the Pats dynasty to go before him.

McGinest, Vinatieri, Law, and even Milloy.

None of them exemplified what it means to be a New England Patriot more than 54.

If he is cut it will be an absolute shock and a sad day for Pats fans everywhere.

As has been the case of late with the Patriots, there's never a dull moment. Let's just hope they can turn it on that easily against Kansas City.



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