Washington Redskins: When They Go To Tennessee, Leave Albert Haynesworth Behind

Josh McCainSenior Writer INovember 18, 2010

Pardon me this morning, loyal reader, if I go way off of the deep end on this one.

But after the terrible and lackluster performance of our favorite football team on national television, I can't help but feel a bit miffed at what I've read today while drinking my coffee.

"I will always be a Titan at heart, I can't deny that."

"[Sometimes] I wish I was still back there because I feel like I could still be dominant."

"Last year I was miserable. I felt like I was just suckered in and was just a guy to attract offensive linemen to double and triple team me. Last year was just a big disappointment for me and really put a sour taste in my mouth."

"The fans, I know they are going to root for the Titans no matter what," he said. "But hopefully they'll cheer for me. I hope they remember me as a guy who played hard and was dominant."

All of these comments come from, you guessed it, "Fat" Albert Haynesworth.  The comments are in regards to the Redskins upcoming game in Tennessee this Sunday.

You know what Al, it's not like the Titans traded you.  You chose to leave Tennessee.  You weren't suckered, we were.  Dan Snyder was, the Washington Redskins were.

They gave you truckloads of money and what did you do?

Nothing, you've done nothing.

After everything this franchise, teammates, coaches and us fans have put up with, I say leave his fat ass in Tennessee when they return.

For whatever reason there are still Haynesworth apologists in D.C., even after Monday night when he just laid down on a play. 

He was blocked to the ground as Michael Vick was doing his thing while running around in the pocket.

While the play is still going on, Haynesworth is just lying there.  The Philadelphia Eagle blocking him looked about as confused as an offensive lineman can look after totally embarrassing the man (an All-Pro, mind you) that he was assigned to block.

Haynesworth offered us several "Shanahan-like" excuses, but the one that gets me is that he thought he heard the whistle.

Really?  You thought you heard the whistle while everyone else, including the quarterback who you could clearly see is still running around with the ball?

It just boggles my mind.  We need to get him out of here.

I know there is going to be someone saying that Haynesworth when in the game makes plays, and yadda, yadda, yadda.

But you know what, for the money the team is paying him, and paid him in bonus money, he should average two sacks a game, along with 12-15 tackles on top of that.

To date Haynesworth as two sacks, total, and only 19 tackles.

He's fat, out of shape and takes plays off.  We should have traded him when we had the chance, because for this offseason his stock is only plummeting even more. 

If I were running things I would have taken a Mars Bar for him and I don't even like Mars Bars.  That's how much I value Fat Albert.

After this Sunday's game, win or lose, the Redskins should leave Haynesworth there.  If he misses it so much and feels he can be more dominant there, then fine.

We, the fans, are tired of him, I'm sure his teammates have reached their wits end, and we all know Coach Shanahan would love nothing more than to get rid of this fatty tumor growing at Redskins Park.

We won't leave him there though.  This franchise still thinks they can get some sort of value for him.  They can't.

However, I have a solution, trade his ass to a failing franchise.  Yes a bit of the pot calling the kettle black, but I mean send him somewhere that has less of an upside then we do.

I don't know, maybe Buffalo, Denver, Carolina, Jacksonville or even Cincinnati.  Heck with the last one, he could join the T-Ocho Show and be even less relevant in pro sports.

All I'm saying is the expensive Haynesworth Experiment failed.  It's time to cut bait with what is pretty much the last hold over of bad decisions from Vinny Cerrato and move on.  Either cut him or trade him (in the offseason) for whatever you can get.


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