Sizing up the NFC: Is The East Still The Class Of The Conference

Warren WhiteContributor IAugust 29, 2008

The NFC East has long stood as the class of the National Football Conference in the NFL.  This year should be no different.  The Cowboys once again come in as the team to beat in the East and in the Conference.  Strong "D" and an offense fueled by Romo, Barbar and T.O., look for the Cowboys to repeat as division champs.  The Giants won't be as good with all the changes to the defense, but they won't be terrible either.  And don't let those Eagles fool you, they can be a pretty good team as well.

In the North, look for the Vikings to make a run for the top.  They possess a very good defense, and the only question on offense is how good will Tavares Jackson be?  Green Bay should contend, providing Aaron Rodgers has an OK season.  It won't take much to overcome the Bears and Lions.

In the South it's a two team race between Tampa Bay and New Orleans.  If the Saint's receivers can get back to form (and Meacham continues to contribute) they could be an awfully good team.  Expect the Buc's to focus on defense and get what they can out of the aging Garcia.  Look for Carolina and Delhomme to stumble once again.

The west has only had one team to speak of the last couple of years, and that won't change this year.  Seattle should easily win the west.  I would be surprised if any other team in the West even challenged for a playoff spot, though Arizona could be interesting if Kurt Warner could stay healthy and run the offense as he has done in the past.  But who am I kidding, we all remember the last time Kurt stayed healthy for a season.

Look for Dallas, Minnesota, New Orleans and Seattle to be your division winners.  New York, Philadelphia, Green Bay and Tampa Bay will fight for the wild card spots.  Dallas will finally break that playoff losing streak, and play Seattle for the right to go to the Superbowl.