TUF Season 12: St-Pierre vs. Koscheck Live Blogging the Madness, Pt. X

Bleacher ReportSenior Writer INovember 17, 2010

On the last episode of The Ultimate Fighter: Team St-Pierre vs. Team Koscheck, Josh Koscheck showed yet again that he can talk the talk but refuses to walk the walk.

When Georges St-Pierre's guillotine specialist, Cody McKenzie, got destroyed by Nam Phan, Kos did everything but stand over McKenzie and spit in his face. Despite the fact that Blondie didn't actually do anything except send the superior warrior into the Octagon, he whooped and hollered like he'd shown Phan everything the lightweight ever knew.

In addition to the infamous wall-pounding episode in the wake of Phan's first victory (over Spencer Paige), that makes two instances where Koscheck has shown infantile and callous disregard for what is a considerable set-back in the career of an up-and-coming athlete.

Nobody knows where a fighter will go after getting bounced in the early rounds of TUF—it's very possible we never see either Paige or McKenzie in the UFC, which would make the reality show the closest the never-was got to his dream.

And Josh Koscheck kicked 'em right after the dream was snatched away.


This from a guy who likes to talk about the respect and discipline the sport of mixed martial arts instills in its highest level practitioners. As each installment of this season's show continues to demonstrate, the message is a good one.

It's just coming from the wrong messenger.

Additionally, this latest example of the No. 1 welterweight contender's lack of sportsmanship registered with GSP in all its significance. The UFC Welterweight Champion is a more patient man than most gladiators, but we've all seen what happens when you cross the line into forbidden territory with Rush.

Matt Serra and his rib cage can give a first-person account if you missed the rematch after his monumental upset and consequent trash-talking.

That's grim news for Josh Koscheck because he's pushed far beyond Serra's transgression and is digging himself deeper with each new insult.

Check back at the top of the hour to see him shovel away.


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