John Cena Recovers From Surgery, But WWE Has More Serious Injuries

Tim ListAnalyst IJune 15, 2016

World Wrestling Entertainment may have to come up with a contingency plan regarding their main events, including even rethinking Wrestlemania XXV next year, as several top superstars seem to be falling apart.
WWE main eventer John Cena had surgery performed this week on his neck for a bulging disc. While the surgery was considered a major success and Cena is due back in approximately three months, how much longer will it be before the top star in WWE needs more medical attention for this problem? Once the neck is weakened, it will start to degenerate.
Another major star, Smackdown's Ken Kennedy, who stars in the upcoming Behind Enemy Lines III, is scheduled for surgery this week, as he tore apart his shoulder in a match against former University of Minnesota standout Shelton Benjamin.
And yet another star, Randy Orton, is said to be taking his time coming back to the fold, as he and his wife just welcomed into the world a new baby daughter. Orton was apparently in a motorcycle accident, but there are reports that many feel he is simply angling for more time off.
Meanwhile, in a major article posted in the UK SUN, a WWE insider revealed two more top superstars, who main evented this year's Wrestlemania, are hurting bad as well.
A key excerpt:
"A key WWE insider has revealed, 'other main eventers are hurting bad.  This is why Edge is taking a few weeks off. He desperately needs to. His performances on the mic and limited actions kept him OK through the Hell in a Cell Match with Undertaker, but Edge is a man in a lot of constant pain, he just doesn't want to give up his top spot right now.'
"The insider also revealed: 'Undertaker himself came back a little early.  His knee is still very sore, and he has to be very careful with it because he's not a youngster anymore and he could suffer an injury that could put him on the shelf for a very long time. 
'It's a beat up crew right now, it's not just the injury bug. The wears and tears of WWE schedule are catching up with everyone.'"

 You can read the groundbreaking story in its entirety here: