Mark Madden Talks About TNA

Stephan JohnsonContributor IAugust 28, 2008

Mark Madden, former announcer in WCW, has put up another one of his wrestling columns. These columns are known to be very critical towards TNA (especially the announcing team) and this one is no other. He even compares joining TNA as sinking in quicksand.


TNA is wrestling quicksand
The first part of his column is directed towards Mick Foley. He begs Foley to not join TNA, since joining TNA is like quicksand. The moment you sign, your career starts to sink. He uses the examples of Kurt Angle (at the top in WWE, a third ranked comedian in TNA) and Samoa Joe (a machine in ROH, a whiny naïf in TNA) to prove his point.


He says you cannot name one person besides Gail Kim that ever improved his career by going from WWE to TNA. He even uses a quote from Team 3-D that said WWE was the top where you should be, while they were under contract with TNA.He even says Gail just used TNA to gain some fame, and then immediately used that fame to get back in with TNA.


The only TNA superstars who do not join WWE are those who can't
He's being quite harsh on the superstars who choose to stay loyal to TNA, and not go to WWE. He says WWE is the place to be, and the only reason why people like Samoa Joe etc. do not join WWE is because they can't get in.


TNA doesn't need Foley
Madden says TNA doesn't need Foley in their company. He says they should create their own breakout star, and use that one, rather than an old legend from WWE. He once again advices Foley not to go over there, even if you're not satisfied with your role as announcer in WWE, eveni f HHH calls you "Homeless Harry" backstage, just don't sign with TNA.


One last piece of advice to Dixie Carter
If you want to save your house, demolish it first. There is absolutely nothing good about your product.


It is stupid to think "who would win in real life", so instead, you should think...
Madden pissed internet wrestling fans off in his last column, where he called them "schmucks". He says that anyone who even considers thinking about "Who would win in real life" is a schmuck (and the internet wrestling community loves to ponder about that question). Instead he has made his own list about Knockouts and Divas. Not "who would win in real life", but "who would be the best stripper in real life".


1. Shelly Martinez/Ariel/Salinas
2. Jillian Hall
3. Candice Michelle
4. Kristal Marshall
5. Traci Brooks/Ms. Brooks

Special mentions for Kimona Wanalaya and Kimberly Page


Here is the list, if you want to read his comments on why they should be on the list or read the entire column, go to