Opening Night QB Rankings- Perrilloux Out To Prove His Prowess

Patrick ParsonsAnalyst IAugust 28, 2008

  1. Dustin Grutza, Cincinatti- 21-28, 296 Yards, 3 TD, 1 Rushing TD (One Half)- After losing his starting job last season, Grutza regained it this year as Ben Mauk appeals to have one more year of eligibility. Against a less-than-stellar Eastern Kentucky defense though, Grutza was more than enough, passing for 300 yards and 3 touchdowns in one half.
  2. Drew Willy, Buffalo- 9-14, 216 Yards, 4 TD- Willy picked apart a UTEP defense that was a step behind his passes all night, although UTEP's secondary couldn't stay a step a head of a leg amputee these days. Willy currently holds the longest streak of pass attempts without an interception, at 251.
  3. Riley Skinner, #23 Wake Forest- 27-35, 221 Yards, 3 TD- Last season, Skinner led the NCAA is completion percentage at 72.4%, but had a poor 12/13 TD-to-INT ratio. Controlling the pace perfectly against an overmatched Baylor defense, Skinner started the season off on the right note, a step in the right direction towards a positive TD-to-INT ratio this season.
  4. Houston Lillard, SE Missouri- 27-39, 387 Yards, 3 TD- Lillard led SE Missouri to an 18-point comeback over SW Baptist. Small school, small-time, but an impressive 181 Yards, and 2 TD in the fourth quarter to lead them to the victory.
  5. Jacory Harris, Miami- 16-26, 196 Yards, TD, 73 Rushing Yards, Rushing TD- Harris, playing against an inexperienced Charleston Southern defense ran, and passed all over the field in the easy victory for the Hurricanes.
  6. Chris Smelley, South Carolina- 5-5, 92 Yards, 2 TD (Off Bench)- Smelley replaced the terrible Beecher in the second half after he threw 4 interceptions, helping South Carolina cock-walk all over NC State.

                                                   Other Notable Performances-

Ryan Perrilloux, Jacksonville St.- 22-37, 129 Yards, 2 TD, 2 INT, 71 Rushing Yards.- Perrilloux was terrible early, unable to get any rhythm, and his 2 touchdowns were long after the game had already been decided. A disappointing showing from the highly-touted Perrilloux.

Tommy Beecher, South Carolina- 12-22, 106 Yards, 4 INT- Beecher was HORRIFIC in his first career start, averaging 4.8 y/a to go with 4 interceptions before he was replaced by Chris Smelley, who easily out shined him.

What these performances tell us about the first day of college football, is basically that there were no actual QB/Defense battles, besides the ongoing Stanford/Oregon St. game... A fun day for the fact that it was the first day back, but no real good games, with the exception of the one still going.