Beat Mike Week 1

Mike DiMauroSenior Writer IAugust 28, 2008

Beat Mike
Season 10, Week 1

Hello everyone! I would like to welcome everyone to season 10 of one of the greatest pro pick'em game around that formed a great fantasy sports network, Beat Mike. I have Beat Mike to thank for where I am today in the world of fantasy sports. There are things that are being planned for the season, so stay tuned everyone!

I would like to say that I have left Feeding Hills, Massachusetts for a semester working, living, learning, and playing in "The Most Magical Place on Earth", Walt Disney World. I am working at Pizza Planet over at Disney's Hollywood Studios. I have been living in my new apartment with my three roommates for two and a half weeks now. My roommates are Brian from Oklahoma (who I am having problems with), Justin from Michigan, and Travis from Pennsylvania. Brian works at Downtown Disney in the entertainment/night life area, Justin works as a train conductor over at the Magic Kingdom, and Travis works for parking/trams over at Epcot. As you can see, this apartment has a mix in the roles and areas that we work in, but we all live in this nice two bedroom apartment. As the weeks go by, I will let you know how everything is doing down here.

For now, however, let's get on with Week 1.

Here are the games for Week 1:

September 4:
Washington @ New York Giants (NBC; TSN)

September 7:
Detroit @ Atlanta (Fox)
Cincinnati @ Baltimore (CBS)
Seattle @ Buffalo (Fox)
New York Jets @ Miami (CBS)
Kansas City @ New England (CBS)
Tampa Bay @ New Orleans (Fox)
St. Louis @ Philadelphia (Fox)
Houston @ Pittsburgh (CBS)
Jacksonville @ Tennessee (CBS)
Dallas @ Cleveland (Fox)
Carolina @ San Diego (Fox)
Arizona @ San Francisco (Fox)
Chicago @ Indianapolis (NBC)

September 8:
Minnesota @ Green Bay (ESPN)
Denver @ Oakland (ESPN)

DEADLINE: Thursday, September 4 @ 6:55PM ET

1. One of the changes this year will be that there will not be any local TV listings in the newsletter. Since this is going nationally, there is no need for it to be listed in the newsletter.
2. Each and every newsletter will be published on the Bleacher Report. The site is
3. Normally each week, the deadline is set. For any of the weeks that have Thursday games, that will be the deadline for the Thursday games. You can still submit your picks for the Sunday and Monday games until that Sunday at 12:55PM ET. The exception to the rule will be on Week 16, when the picks will be due on that Saturday.
4. The game will be available on Yahoo!, MySpace, Facebook, Bleacher Report (via e-mail) and by e-mail ( Everyone is welcome to play Beat Mike and I would love to see you all play and to build a larger network base. I would like to create a web site for Beat Mike by some point in 2009.

Good Luck Everyone!
Mike DiMauro