WWE RAW's Leadership Role

Stephan JohnsonContributor IAugust 28, 2008

Now that John Cena is out of the picture, World Wrestling Entertainment will be forced to give wrestlers, that deserve it, a push.

Will CM Punk be the next leader of the WWE? NO! CM Punk is not ready to lead the WWE to high ratings. To be honest, I completely agree with John Bradshaw Layfield: CM Punk is nothing more than a "Paper Champion." Let's be realistic for a moment. CM Punk is only 220 lbs. CM Punk is not big enough to lift heavier opponents (without help.) The only people that RAW has to lead it's roster are Batista, Chris Jericho, and John Bradshaw Layfield. I personally do not wish to see Batista hold the World Heavyweight Championship for awhile. Leaving only JBL and Jericho in the picture. JBL is past his prime, leaving Jericho. The King of the World!

How will this happen? John Cena will probably be gone for six months to one year. JBL will eventually try to bully CM Punk for his title. He will fail. When he fails after a number of times, Jericho will convince Punk to defend his title against him. Jericho will go on to win the title, possible at No Mercy or Cyber Sunday. Jericho will retain the title until the return of the "Over-Rated Superstar," John Cena.

What will happen to WWE? The WWE will turn the attention of their fans to Smackdown until "the Anointed One" returns to RAW. The only way that RAW is going to keep ratings at the point they have reached in recent weeks is with the return of a certain superstar: Stone Cold Steve Austin.


WWE Championship Scramble: Jeff Hardy will win in a controversial fashion. This may lead to a feud with HHH.

World Heavyweight Championship Scramble: CM Punk will retain the title until Cyber Sunday.

ECW Championship Scramble: Matt Hardy will become ECW Champion via pinfall over Finlay in the final seconds of the match.

Chris Jericho vs. Shawn Michaels: Chris Jericho will win. After the match, he will attack Michaels, giving him an injury that forces him to retire.

World Tag Team Championship Match: Rhodes and Dibiase will retain the titles over Cryme Tyme. Let's face it, Cryme Tyme is only around because of John Cena, who is no longer there to protect them.