Broncos Have a Lot Left To Prove: Don't Forgive Josh McDaniels Just Yet, Fans

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Broncos Have a Lot Left To Prove: Don't Forgive Josh McDaniels Just Yet, Fans
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Well, the Denver Broncos destroyed the Kansas City Chiefs in a game absolutely no one outside of Denver was talking about.

ESPN barely even decided to do any articles on the game, and those articles were about Matt Cassel's "big day" and Todd Haley's poor sportsmanship. But was anyone talking about the Denver Broncos smashing outing?

Not really.

That's because no matter how you cut it, the Kansas City Chiefs haven't been "good" over a long enough stretch for anyone to really be impressed by them. So beating them still doesn't prove much, even if the beating was really, really one sided.

Oh, and since the Eagles did essentially the same thing, only bigger and in front of more people, the Broncos weekend has essentially been forgotten by the sports world.

So forgotten that the Broncos are 10 point underdogs to the 4-5 San Diego Chargers going into this week. Ouch.

When you come off of a bye week you're supposed to win a football game. That is pretty much a universal theory in the NFL (for everyone except former Broncos turned Redskins coach Mike Shanahan).

If you go out and win it really big at home, it doesn't quite convince everyone that you're the team to beat.

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The Broncos, for what it's worth, are still 3-6 and dead last in the AFC West. They might only be two games out of the lead, but that's two more games they are going to have to catch up before anyone should be impressed.

Josh McDaniels is not 5-14 over the past 19 games. That would be five wins and 14 losses to clarify. What the heck is there to celebrate?

The Denver Broncos have a proud NFL franchise with a lot of ground to climb, and fans should not be so quick to forgive their young head coach. That might make him think that giving up 59 points one week can be made up for by hanging up 49 points a few weeks later.

The only numbers in the NFL that should matter to fans are the numbers that get you into the playoffs (i.e. your team's record). Once McDaniels brings that up to .500, I'll officially consider him out of hot water.

Not sitting in the shade, but at least off the stove.

And that is based on some pretty mild standards for what this franchise should expect.

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