Video: Nonito Donaire Interviewed at the Pacquiao Vs. Margarito Fight

King J@@KingJ323Senior Writer INovember 17, 2010

This past weekend at the biggest fight of the year at the most extravagant and largest dome stadium in the world, Dallas Cowboy Stadium, we had a legendary fight. The sports No. 1 pound-for-pound fighter Manny Pacquiao winning his historical eighth division title against Antonio Margarito for the super welterweight championship of the world.

Top featured columnist King J was on hand covering this amazing event sitting ringside in the media section with some of the top journalists in the sport of boxing updating both his live blog article as well as his Twitter page for all the fight fans at home.

He also conducted excellent interviews with Manny's fellow country man Filipino boxing star Nonito Donaire 24(16)-1  who is fighting Volodymyr Sydorenko 22(7)-2 in his bantamweight debut at the Honda Center in Anaheim, Calfornia on Saturday, December 4th.

Former flyweight and super flyweight champion Donaire, who is best known for his knock out of the year win over Vic Darchinyan in 2007, is now ranked No. 4 in the Ring Magazine Pound for Pound Rankings. With all of the serious competition and big names blatantly dodging him, Donaire decided to also go up in weight to fight the big names in the bantamweight division with hopes to land the big fight that all the true fight fans want to see against WBC/WBO Bantamweight champion Fernando Montiel.

Here is a transcript of the interview of both Nonito Donaire and his wife Rachel Donaire.

King J: We are here in Dallas, Texas at the Cowboys Stadium....

(Rachel Doniare interrupts to say: "Yee-Haw")

For the Manny Pacquiao vs Antonio Margarito fight we are here with the wife, the very tough/smart wife of one of the top pound for pound fighters right now Nonito Donaire. How are you tonight?

Rachel Donaire: Good, good excited to see tonight's fight.

King J: Ok, so who do you like tonight Manny or Antonio and why?

Rachel Donaire: Well of course you know I totally support Manny, but I gotta see the first two rounds. I'm a little bit nervous with all the distractions he had and stuff like that and I want to see how he's going to take Margarito's punches. So give me the first two rounds to make a prediction but of course I am always in Manny's corner.

King J: Ok so you are leaning more towards a decision would you say tonight? Manny by decision or late?

Rachel Donaire: Umm....actually yeah.

King J: Cause I have round seven and eight I'll go on record. I'm going to lose a couple of Benjis if that does not go down.

King J: So you would like to see the first two rounds...

Rachel Donaire: If I had to call a round I was thinking it would be nine.

King J: But you know what Margarito is notoriously known for starting off slow and not doing anything for the first two rounds. So that would not be a good indication...

Rachel Donaire: Good indication, that's true it would just be depending on if Manny comes in and you know he's going to be coming in firing first. He's a fire starter so umm I just want to see if Margarito lands his punch how Manny will handle it and also if Manny has that speed that he is notorious for.

King J: Absolutely. So you got nine. I got seven, and eight because Sugar Shane Mosley knocked Margarito out in nine that's why I did not chose nine. That's on record ok Rachel's also on record. OK lets talk about the pound for pound husband, whats up? Is he going to take the winner of the new Showtime Bantam Tournament?

Rachel Donaire: The Super Four? (laughing)

King J: Yeah is he probably going to be slated to fight the winner of that tournament?

Rachel Donaire: Yeah that's what they are talking about. First they all have to fight it off which will take about a year or so and then it depends on who the fight is with. I mean we tried with... Lets pretend Darchinyan won. We went to Top Rank to sign the fight with Darchinyan and then Top Rank got an email that Darchinyan did not want to fight Nonito anymore. So I mean it really depends if the promoter wants to work with us and fight the winner of Montiel/Donaire.

King J: Do you think that is Darchinyan himself or is that his team or advisers?

Rachel Donaire: I think it's Darchinyan. You know I mean as much as people think its people around him, when the talk about the rematch came about he all of a sudden became quiet he stopped yapping, he stopped talking. When we saw him in Cebu and Nonito was in the ring supporting Z. Gorres, when Darchinyan fought Gorres in Cebu, Darchinyan could not look Nonito in the eye.

King J: Wow! Wow real talk there. Who do you like in the Bantam Tournament? I like Abner Mares.

Rachel Donaire: I agree, I agree. Umm I think Darchinyan is old and washed up already I'm sorry. I think Nonito was his kryptonite and then after that Agbeko beat him.

King J: Wow, real talk, and the thing is I don't think shes just talking smack, I think she is just keeping it real. But he's still exciting to watch (Darchinyan).

Rachel Donaire: He is.

King J: Ok so Nonito has a fight next month against...

Rachel Donaire: Sydorenko.

King J: Ok so how is that going to go down. He's not that well known so...

Rachel Donaire: He's not that well known but he has the credentials to be in the ring with Nonito. Out of all the fighters he's been fighting in the last 2 years. First of all he went to the Olympics and he actually placed he got a bronze medal in the Olympics and then the only loss and I call it only one loss that he has on his record is against Anselmo Moreno and he's the current champion in the Bantamweight. So he lost to him twice but it's still the same person. So I honestly think it will be a good fight.

King J: So check that out Rachel knows boxing, she's the real deal. She knows what she's talking about. There's no cue cards behind me guys.

Rachel Donaire: Do you want to talk about Mosley/Mora? No I'm just kidding.

King J: Mosley/Mora? No that was very boring.

Rachel Donaire: I know I was ringside I was texting.

King J: I was ringside too but I was so bored I didn't say whats sup to you. (laughing)

King J: Ok one word: Montiel. Everyone wants to get that off their chests so whats going down with Montiel. There's a lot of rumors/speculations whats the record straight on your guys end?

Rachel Donaire: He needs to sign the contract. (Montiel). Nonito signed a two fight agreement: Sydorenko at Bantamweight cause Bob(Arum) wanted to test him out at Bantamweight first and then before he went to Montiel. So it's a two deal thing if he fights Sydorenko and wins he fights Montiel next. The purses, everything is already lined out, the fight date, everything. The only thing that's missing is Montiel.

King J: Ok so you guys signed about a month ago, so the whole world is just waiting on Montiel to sign?

Rachel Donaire: Yeah the press con. for In Harm's Way in LA is when we signed for the two fight deal. So Montiel's the one, who's he called out? Who's he called out: Wilfredo Vazquez, Darchinyan,I don't know if Donaire is hard to pronounce right now?

King J: (Laughing) That's good! That's good!

Rachel Donaire: He (Montiel) needs to sign the contract already.

King J: This is straight off the dome, this is impressive, we did not even rehearse this .... That's the fight that everyone is thirsting for.

Rachel Donaire: Yeah and I would think as a boxer, I mean I'm a fighter, so you are supposed to be fighting the best out there not like oh well lets see who else I can fight besides you. I mean when Montiel called out Darchinyan it did not make sense to me because Nonito beat Darchinyan. Why would you want to pick up left over scraps.

King J: OK So I really want to blow up Nonito. All my people in Southern California..he's a legend up in the Bay but everyone down in So Cal they gotta come out right? Come out to the fight.

Rachel Donaire: Yeah

King J: Where's it at?

Rachel Donaire: Honda Center, Anaheim.

King J: There you go. Anaheim guys.

Rachel Donaire: But in all honesty when we had the OC workout with Mark Munoz there was a lot of people who showed us love.

King J: That's great.

Rachel Donaire: But you guys gotta come out to the fight.

King J: Absolutely. So any final words you want to say? Cause you have a lot of fans yourself a lot of people respect you and look up to you? You are a champion yourself so.

Rachel Donaire: All I got to say is follow Nonito on Twitter: Filipino Flash. You can follow me but I say some pretty interesting stuff you might not want to hear all the time. Facebook of course. Thanks for supporting him and hope to see you December 4th.

King J: We got one of the top pound for pound fighters in the world! You all better recognize! Nonito Donaire what's sup brother how are you doing?

Nonito Donaire: I'm good man how are you doing man?

King J: Good man, can we get an official prediction on record? (Pacquiao vs Margarito)

We already talked to your wifey for a good 30 minutes she was schooling everyone at home, all the fight fans.

Nonito Donaire: Well I think all out Manny's got the speed to make it happen. I'm give it 7 rounds. I think he can make it in seven rounds. Margarito's tough but I think he (Manny) can pull it off with speed.

King J: 7 rounds.. Alright I got that too. We are going to make some good money on that. 10 to 1 odds.

Nonito Donaire: 10 to 1! (laughing)

King J: Could we get a statement about your fight next month? Can we get everyone to come out?

Nonito Donaire: Well you guys got to come out if you live by: Vegas, San Diego, LA or around California check out Decemeber 4th its against Volodymyr Sydorenko on the Chavez(vs Gomez) card at the Honda Center at Anaheim. So check it out man and support.

King J: We talked to your wife earlier today and she dropped knowledge on all the fight fans at home. Very impressive. One of the things we talked about was the Bantam Tournament going on at Showtime and the word is you will probably be slated to go against the winner of that tournament. First of all who do you like in that tournament?

Nonito Donaire: I like Mares' chance if he's able to box, if he's able to jab around, be smart and go in the right direction I think he'll beat Darchinyan. The only thing Darchinyan can do is bully him and if he doesn't let him bully him then he will win. But I don't think Darchinyan will go anywhere with Agbeko on the other side.

King J: Absolutely. You know all three of us would like Mares to take that tournament.  So the word on everyone's mouth is Montiel. There is a lot of rumors, speculations, can you set it, we heard a lot from your wife's point of view. Can we hear from you? I mean everyone wants to see that fight. 

Nonito Donaire: I want to see that fight you know. I think its good. You know I signed the contract for February 19th.

King J: So you said you signed it all the way back on February 19th?

Nonito Donaire: For February 19th is the fight for next year. All I have to do is get passed Volodymyr Sydorenko and then we can make it happen. I was supposed to fight Montiel back in 2008 for his WBO but then he could not make weight so he went up to 118. So now I am at 118 so its time.

King J: Are there any particular venues that they are looking at for that fight? Because that's a pretty huge fight.

Nonito Donaire: They are looking at Las Vegas for now but where ever it is I'm just happy to fight Monitel because he is great fighter, great champion, tough/dangerous guy but I think I am also a tough dangerous guy.

King J: Any final words to all your fans out there?

Nonito Donaire: I want to thank them for all their support and prayers man. It's been really..I'm just appreciative and its a blessing to have each and everyone of you praying for me and support me. Thank you guys and stay tuned I'm going to make it happen.



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