Liverpool win again. But when will we start playing football?

Steve ClarkContributor IAugust 28, 2008

As Arnold Schwarzenegger once said 'Are we having fun yet'?

Four competitive games gone and we've yet to witness a decent performance. Sure, we've had fantastic results. Six points from six in the league and qualification to the champions league group stages. Surely that's what we all hoped for.

Still, despite the results, it's been difficult to watch at times. A far cry from the fabled 'pass and move'.

I'd like to say I'm happy with the team and to a degree I guess I am. The big concern I have is the Manchester United game that's just around the corner. With this key match approaching fast, we certainly couldn't hit form soon enough.

Looking back over the past few games it's easy to pinpoint the problems. At the forefront of every Liverpool fan's mind is our lack of width. Babel was sorely missed prior to yesterday. The cross he delivered to Kuyt for the goal is a near perfect example of what we need more of. Unfortunately for us, this was a somewhat isolated incident. Perhaps with the imminent arrival of Riera we can see more of this?

Another issue to address is the lack of service for Keane and Torres. Both players have superb qualities and Torres has already created goals from nothing this campaign. Unfortunately that doesn't make up for anything. If we have serious aspirations of a 19th title then we need to play slicker football and provide our fine strikers with opportunities.

I don't believe either of the above will be long standing issues. We've made improvements to the squad of last season and there is no reason we shouldn't be able to put in better performances.

The bottom line at the moment is the results. We've got what we needed and we can still look forward with optimism. It's ambitious but I'd like to see us better the ten points form the first twelve of last season. This will be no easy feat as we visit Villa Park this weekend and then host Manchester United at Anfield.

It's important Keane is given time to settle, as crouch was on his arrival, and his understanding with Torres will certainly grow.

With the addressing of just a few details and the possible introduction of at least one new face, I'm certain we can continue this run.

Let's all be thankful that Kuyt once again came up with a vital goal. Now we can all look forward to the mouthwatering encounters with Europe's elite. Of course, this will only be the sideshow. The league, for a change, will be the main event.