Tommy's NFL Picks: Week 1

Tommy MarcusCorrespondent IAugust 28, 2008

Hello and welcome to the first edition of Tommy's Picks. Each Thursday (unless games are being played on Thursday), I will release my picks for the week, recap the week before, as well as give the award for player of the week. Since this is Week One, I can't recap last week, so I'll just be giving my picks. 

Warning: My picks were so incredibly inaccurately done last year that I came in second to last place in a Yahoo! Public league. Until I prove myself, I beg of you guys to not take my picks and use them, unless you really want to lose.

I will be bolding the team that I predict to win each week. This does not include point spreads, so please take notice of that.


Week One Picks

Away         Home 

Giants       Redskins

Lions          Falcons

Seahawks   Bills

Jaguars     Titans

Jets            Dolphins

Chiefs        Patriots

Bucs         Saints

Rams         Eagles

Texans      Steelers

Bengals     Ravens

Panthers   Chargers

Cardinals  49ers

Cowboys   Browns

Bears       Colts

Vikings     Packers

Broncos   Raiders


Summary: I tried to make the most accurate picks I can, while adding a few upsets. Hopefully this strategy will work out.

2008 Record: 0-0