Dimitar Baby-tov

David JacobsCorrespondent IAugust 28, 2008

In preparation for yet another dismal season opening at the lane, Juande Ramos purged the team of many players to streamline the team and get rid of what he considered as either “excess baggage” or just “burdens”.

However, I think it’s become a case of squad diarrhoea. Too many players have been thrown away and in my opinion, the wrong ones have gone. Malbranque was a great player. He was committed and could play every position. Not lazy at all.

Keane was vital in Spurs’ strike force, which was once hailed as one of the most potent in the League. And at one point, Berbatov was the goal machine we’d hoped for. But now, like an ageing racehorse, he’s getting old and tired and needs a good home somewhere else.

The pain of seeing Keane go off to Liverpool for £20million tied with Berbatov handing in his own transfer request for going to Manchester United has affected the squad’s mentality and almost crushed their hopes of a top-four finish entirely.

Losing to teams like Middlesborough after spending £50million on the likes of Luca Modric, Giovanni Dos Santos and David Bentley to bulk out the squad was enough to tell Ramos that there was a bigger problem than what Spurs thought. I think his name is Berbatov.


It’s obvious he doesn’t want to play at Tottenham anymore. His newly-formed rift with Ramos contributed to his half-hearted performances as of late and it’s just making all the engines stutter and stop altogether.

Ramos has been keeping him off the pitch for half the match anyway. Admittedly, he’s the only real striker left. Darren Bent needs a bit of work. But Daniel Levy just won’t lower his ridiculous asking price and let Berbatov go to another team. Cristiano Ronaldo saga anyone???


It’s hurting the team. It’s best if Berbatov was permitted to leave. He’s throwing enough toys out of his pram to knock his teammates unconscious and it’s causing a mood which isn’t helping to win matches. What kind of reason to play terribly is “my mind’s not right”?


Not even a Sunday League player would say that. Which type of player has more professionalism there??


As much I as hate to say this, I have to; It would be good if Spurs got relegated because it would teach them a schoolboy lesson about passion, teamwork and their schoolboy errors.


I’m just going to watch and grimace on Sunday at what Chelsea will dish out to Spurs on Sunday unless either a miracle happens (Didier Zokora scores) or the real shoot-for-the-moon idea, which is Berbatov pulling his socks up and playing like he did when he first got signed from Bayer Leverkusen a few years ago.


Boasting about coming top of the league and then just plummeting to the relegation zone due to one person’s mood swings is only encouraging more heckling from Arsenal’s fan base. Then again, they should shut up for a moment too because of their embarrassing 1-0 deficit at Fulham.