CFL: Labour Shortage?

Kelly BundleAnalyst IMarch 30, 2017

The CFL is gearing up for its annual showcase weekend with the traditional Labour Day games being contested in Regina, Calgary, and Hamilton.

So what about BC and Montreal, you ask?  Not exactly your everyday Hatfields and McCoys are they?  

That is because in between 1954 when the BC Lions were granted a franchise in Vancouver and today's CFL, nothing has really changed in the structure of the CFL's franchises and, most crucially, lack of franchises.  

Expansion attempts during that time looked like grade 10 science projects that were designed and conducted over short periods of time.  None made any sense logistically.

I think we can all agree that that era, while childishly amusing, is best left forgotten.

So back to the annual LDC's.  Is it inhuman to think that Montreal could play a new team annually on Labour Day that is based in Quebec City some year not far down the road?

And the same in BC, where the Lions could take on the Victoria Whateveryouwants in an appropriate regional contest?

Heck, lest we not forget about Ottawa, who could visit the London Pikemen, a team already with motions in city council, logos, merchandise, and fans.

Are there any BIG thinkers out there?  This formula seems to make good business sense.

I think 54 years in business is long enough to warrant some sort of growth and expansion.  

Enough with the brand identification "this is our league" crap.  Shop the franchise opportunities that exist for the CFL to investors and create new rivalries to compliment the old ones.

Get on it CFL.