Top 5 Reasons Why College Football Is Underrated...

Patrick ParsonsAnalyst IAugust 28, 2008

    To me, College Football is like ice cream. It is wonderful as a treat, and it gets even better the more of it that you eat. There are so many different flavors, there is always something new to tickle your taste buds. The only problem is, the more you ingest, the fatter you get. But, it's alright, you need to pack on the pounds for upcoming hibernation after the BCS championship game anyway. There are a lot of bad ice creams though, so watch out. You don't want to end up getting Buttered Pecan (Iowa St.), or Pistachio (Baylor), unless of course that is your favorite flavor. But as many 'bad' flavors there are, there are exciting ones that you have never seen to match them, and you may run into them some day soon. Cherry Garcia (Texas Tech), or Mint White Chocolate Chip (Central Michigan). Traditional flavors like Vanilla (Ohio St.), you see every year, and they may get a bit tiring, but when you want that good old-fashioned ice cream, or a good game, Vanilla will never fail you. But enough about ice cream, as I have depressed myself a bit, as all I have is pistachio for the night... BUT as a fan of ice cream in general, I can stomach some Baylor, especially when it is just the appetizer to a few months full of pigging out. The 5 reasons that college football is UNDERRATED.

5. College Football Blogging

    Seriously, face it. College football inspires all of the writing that I dive into Monday morning, and have to be life-guarded out of Sunday night. The intensity of the fans/bloggers is unparalleled by any other sport, and it makes for so much good writing, you can't help but fall in love with the pureness of the sport. From the students of the school themselves, to alumni, to the alumni's children, college football is breeding such a varied fan base, we will have enough different viewpoints to last our hungry intellects for years to come.

    Face it, without college football, a lot of us would have MUCH less to write about, thus freeing up our time for things that subconsciously, we don't want to do. Such as; buy a pet and play with it, watch re-runs of CSI, pick up a random girl at the bar and bring her back to your place... Little do you know that girl you brought home last night is afflicted with one of these two diseases... Gonorrhea, or being a fan of your fiercest rival... Yeah, how do you feel now, disgusted at both, i'm sure.

4. The Upset Potential

    Yes, it is true that not every game is going to be an upset, but you can bet your 3 legged Poodle named JoePa you just bought that there are going to be games that surprise even the 'smartest' of experts. App. St over Michigan last year started off the season with a bang, and so many other teams hopes were shattered due to losses in games that many were sure they had won, Oklahoma & West Virginia to end the season know what i'm saying.

    While it is true that for every App St, there are 10 Eastern Middle Texabama Tech State that will lose to Ohio St, or LSU, or some other top ranked team 90-0, but that is alright. After all, the players from EMTTS can now tell their grandchildren that they had their necks AND collarbone broken by James Lauranitus. Even in conference play, you know the bottom feeders give everything they have when they play the conference powerhouse. True, usually everything they have results to a touchdown, missed extra point, and a 22 yard field goal, but that doesn't always happen. And the 1 in 100000 is what makes it magical.

3. The "Imaginary" Rivalries

    So many fans love hyping up a certain game as a rivalry. That is all well and good, because I do the same thing. Texas Tech Vs. Oklahoma - Rivalry. Tech Vs. Texas - Rivalry. Tech Vs. Oklahoma St - You Bet. Texas Tech Vs. Eastern Washington - Oh wow, you haven't heard, the rivalry has been brewing for years, they just kept it a secret.

    Every Big 12 game between Texas and Oklahoma teams is a rivalry. EVERY SEC game, excluding Mississippi teams is a rivalry. Even Texas Southern makes up fake rivalries after they lose their annual game against Prairie View A&M. These faux rivalries convince ourselves, and everyone within screaming distance that there is extra pressure riding on this game. Crack open another Budweiser, and let the 'rivalry' live on.

2. The Day Before The Season Officially Starts

    The pinnacle of all trash-talking occurs on the day before the college football season starts. Every team has high hopes, psh, who cares if we lost our starting offensive line, quarterback, and the running back just broke both his legs in 14 places, we are going undefeated, you'll see. You know, in your head that you will look like a genius when your watching your team at the BCS championship come January.

    If you took note of all the predictions, you would be quite surprised. Oh, you didn't know that there could be 11 undefeated teams in the Big 12? (Don't worry, Baylor always has realistic expectations, they predict an 11-1 finish) Face it, nobody can keep you from hyping up your team, they are still undefeated, and you are determined to ride that wave as long as possible. Ohio St. & Northwestern have the same record, same with Oklahoma & Iowa. St, USC & Stanford, anybody. Until you lose that first game, keep the trash coming, we love it.

1. It Isn't The NFL...

    The NFL has been corrupted by contracts, endorsements, having to miss church to play, and the unholy demon of having no more classes to skip. NFL players are playing for a salary, NCAA players are playing for their schools, or the adoration of their fans, or the dreams of getting that money (We all know that dreams > the real thing). You always have the excuse of immaturity to throw out there in college. Once you reach the NFL, nobody listens to it (You hear that Chris Perry?). Even if you go 6-6 you get that bowl game to prove that it was actually NEXT YEAR you were planning for. It is still acceptable to have a facebook and accept random friend requests from freshman blonds wanting to congratulate you on that win yesterday.

    You can get a whole day of football, from the AM to the PM, and then you get a Fresno St. game back into the AM! You get College Gameday to watch EVEN BEFORE the games start. There is no reason to leave your chair, other than food and bathroom, and if absolutely necessary, you stockpile the food before you sit, and bring a nice bucket to use after you eat. You may feel weird rooting for a freshman quarterback who is the same age as your son, but it is absolutely normal. There is nothing more amazing than watching that same kid mature throughout the season, through the comeback wins, breakdown losses, interceptions and touchdowns, it is all a learning experience, and you have to respect a kid who can endure all the pressure.

    So next time you want to look at college football as overrated, or take for granted what we have right in front of us, think it over. College football will always be underrated to me, and I will never forget all the memories it has given me.