College Football Is Here... Week 1 Top 25 Predictions, Straight & Vs. Spread.

Patrick ParsonsAnalyst IAugust 28, 2008

#1 Georgia Vs. Georgia Southern- (No Spread)- This one should be close, until the kickoff, after that point, i'm sensing a blow out. After all, I already knew Georgia was in the south, so how far South does Georgia have to be? Georgia- 58-13

#2 Ohio St. Vs. Youngstown St.- (No Spread)- Watch for Pryor to get to have some fun at some point during this game. YST's starting QB has completed one career pass, I give him an 85% chance of completing career pass #2 in this game. OSU- 45-6

#3 USC Vs. Virginia- (19.5)- Both Sanchez and Maualuga are expected to play, and that is great news. Virginia is not the same team as last year, and USC will be using this as a tuneup before they play OSU on Sept. 13, so expect them to get into a rhythm. USC Covers. USC- 49-21

#4 Oklahoma Vs. Chattanooga- (No Spread)- Chattanooga is terrible, and will look to survive long enough to avoid forfeiting. Oklahoma- 63-3

#5 Florida Vs. Hawaii- (35.5)- Florida has all of the tools to make a NC run, and although I expect them to take this game, I am confident in Hawaii's ability to stay within 5 TD's, if only for the fact that they will continue to throw and try to get their new receivers and QB accustomed to a tough D. Florida wins, but Hawaii covers. Florida- 56-28

#6 Missouri Vs. #20 Illinois- (8.5)- The marquee matchup this week for most CFB fans, and rightfully so. A matchup of two teams who had great seasons last year, and are expected to repeat, for the most part this year. Chase Daniel has matured in the last year, and I don't see Illinois being able to stage a comeback if they fall down early. Missouri wins and covers. Missouri- 42-27

#7 LSU Vs. Appalachian St.- (No Spread)- App. St. had the upset of the year last year, but LSU has played them before, and is better suited to handle their mobility. I have a feeling every Michigan fan in the world will be praying for the impossible, but don't worry Michigan fans, you will always be remembered. LSU- 38-10

#8 West Virginia Vs. Villanova- (No Spread)- I have bad news for WVU fans, you know that RB you have playing QB, Pat White? He wants to throw more this year... I wonder who gave him the idea that he was a real QB... They were successful last year because they attempted the 3rd-least amount of passes in the nation. But, they win this game, and Noel Devine picks up almost where Slaton left off. The less that Pat White passes, the more they will succeed. WVU- 42-19

#9 Clemson Vs. #24 Alabama- (4.5)- My personal game of the week. Clemson is looking to fulfill lofty expectations, as many have them pegged to win the ACC this year, after a 9-4 season in 2007 in which they lost a shot at the Conference title after a late-season loss to Boston College. They led the ACC in scoring last year, and return 7 starters on offense, including Cullen Harper, QB, and the backfield tandem James Davis/C.J. Spiller who are having to run behind a near-completely new O-Line.

Alabama went 7-6 last season, though none of those losses were by more than a touchdown. They had trouble scoring at times last year, mostly because QB John Parker Wilson basically blew chunks, all of his major stats declining from his sophomore season. He does have #1 WR recruit Julio Jones to throw to now, who I think will be this years freshman standout. Glen Coffee, who somehow overtook Terry Grant for the starting RB spot, is a solid runner who is consistent if nothing else, and should keep the pace of the game. Julio Jones will surprise the Clemson secondary, and start his college career with a nice bang, which, incidentally, is how I hope to start mine. Alabama- 27-21

#10 Auburn Vs. LA-Monroe- (26)- Auburn has the new spread offense, with Texas Tech transfer Chris Todd (I bet he is still sad about missing out on leading that offense), and Kodi Burns expected both to play. Auburn had a terrible time trying to score last year for the most part, and I doubt they will have their offense down for the first game of the year. They will win, but will not score enough to cover. LA-M covers. Auburn- 35-14

#11 Texas Vs. Florida Atlantic- (24)- UT had trouble to start the season last year, and with their 2 best playmakers on offense gone this season, I predict the same problems this season. FAU's QB is better than Colt McCoy, I am calling it right now. Texas wins, but FAU covers. Texas- 35-24

#12 Texas Tech Vs. Eastern Washington- (31)- Tech lets Harrell play the whole game, and he throws for 650 yards and 8 Touchdowns. Texas Tech- 81-20

#13 Wisconsin Vs. Akron- (26)- Wisconsin surprises the world and comes out and plays the game with no QB, just P.J Hill. I kid, I kid. But they do have a quarterback, he just happens to be a specialty type of QB. No, not a pocket passer, or a dual threat, but more of a handoff QB. If he sticks to that plan, Wisconsin has success this season. Wisconsin- 49-10

#14 Kansas Vs. Florida International- (36)- Kansas beat FIU 55-3 last year, and will repeat it this year. Look for Kerry Meier to have a few nice punts, a TD catch, and a TD pass as he is the punter, WR, and backup QB. Kansas- 59-10

#15 Arizona St. Vs. Northern Arizona- (No Spread)- ASU last lost to NAU in 1938, 'nuff said. Arizona State- 56-7

#16 Brigham Young Vs. Northern Iowa- (No Spread)- Motivation for BYU players to make a BCS bowl this season? Take away their mandatory Mormon mission. Just a suggestion. BYU- 56-10

#17 Virginia Tech Vs. East Carolina- (8.5)- VTech goes back to a set QB, and let's hope Glennon is able to keep his job at the start of this season. VT lost so much of it's defense to the NFL last year, I heard that the Oakland Raiders have dibs on every VT player who makes a tackle this season as well. ECU can score, but their defense isn't even good enough to stop VT it seems. VT- 31-21

#18 Tennessee Vs. UCLA- (7.5)- A monday game.

#19 South Florida Vs. Tenn-Martin- (No Spread)- South Florida tried to make it seem like this would be a real game, hyping up Tenn-Martin as a school with "A lot of heart, it takes a lot to be able to find enough players to field a team at a school that not even the Dean's daughter has heard of." South Florida- 49-6

#21 Oregon Vs. Washington- (13.5)- Oregon lost their starting QB, Nate Costa, to a knee injury before the season. Oregon will win, but they showed last year, their bowl win excluded, that they weren't the same team without Dixon, and this year, without Dixon and Jonathan Stewart, they will not repeat their performance. They win, but Washington covers. Oregon- 35-27

#22 Penn St. Vs. Coastal Carolina- (No Spread)- JoePa looks to add another win to his impressive resume. If Penn St. doesn't win, i'm sure Pa will either have a heart attack, or fake one to avoid the embarrassment. Perhaps drown himself off the coast of Carolina? Penn St- 42-2

#23 Wake Forest Vs. Baylor- (12.5)- The season kicks off Thursday, with #23 Wake Forest taking on perennial, err, participant Baylor. Wake Forest may be fielding it's best football team in history, or at least recent memory, and Baylor, with new coach Art Briles may be... fielding a team! The Demon Deacons of Wake are looking to compete for the ACC championship this year, and winning against the Bears to start the season, would be, not a surprise, but a step towards their goal. Quarterback Riley Skinner, led the nation in completion percentage last year at 72.4%, though his TD/INT ratio was a lousy 12/13, leading me to believe that every incompletion is actually an interception.

Baylor is 2-38 in it's last 40 games against ranked opponents, and would need a miracle, or a few to improve on that in this game. They brought in Art Briles to turnaround a team which was winless in conference play last year, and has finished last in the Big 12, 11 times in it's twelve year existence. Baylor is looking to prove some things this year, though it looks as if they will have a tough time going better than 1-11. Here is to the hope that this could be their one win this season. Maybe Wake will feel that Baylor needs the self esteem boost, and let them make it respectable...? Wake Forest- 31-14

#25 Pittsburgh Vs. Bowling Green- (13)- Pitt had a losing record last year, yet somehow found a way to make the top 25 this year. High hopes won't be shattered in week one, as they roll by a BG team that fell by 56 to Tulsa in their bowl game last season. Pitt- 42-14