Dallas Dreams Answered: What a Difference a 'Wade' Makes

Tobe MooreContributor IIINovember 15, 2010

Not in the shadows anymore
Not in the shadows anymoreStephen Dunn/Getty Images

The first week in the hands of new leadership, the Dallas Cowboys walk into the ‘rough house’ of the NY Giants. Although many thought Dallas would play a little better than the previous weeks, who would have imagined a totally refreshed Cowboys team that would take it to one of the best in the NFC?

 Coaching plays such a big role in college and pro sports, it is often overlooked to what degree a change of one individual can make. Being an LSU fan, I can relate to the frustration of having a Buffoon for a coach. The difference in Les Miles and Wade Phillips is that the LSU players still believe in Les Miles. I bring up the comparison of these 2 coaches because they lack the same main skills it takes to be a head coach.

1) Discipline

2) Motivation

3) Organization

Both teams, the Cowboys and LSU, have top notch talent. But if that talent isn’t challenged and developed to its potential, it will play lethargic football. Yes, LSU has a much better record than Dallas this year, but the difference is the money. College kids are playing for pride and a future in the NFL, in spite of a poor coach. NFL players already have a fat contract (especially with JJ as the owner), so they need someone with some ‘fire’ to get them going. That is why Les Miles still has a successful record this year, while Wade was at rock bottom.    

 Present day….Wade is fired, and in comes Jason Garrett. Same Players, Same coaches (all but one)… but boy things are different. You could almost imagine the passion in the locker room the day Garrett came in the first time as ‘The Man’. Whatever he said… whatever he did… that wasn’t the same team against the Giants that we’ve seen the first half of the season. That was a team with a fresh start, a new vigor, a new hope… a future.  

 Well, lucky for you Cowboys fans, you have turned the page. The future will be bright again. Unfortunately, a (end of year prediction) 10-3, 12th ranked LSU team keeps the ‘hiring/firing company’ happy with Les Miles, although they have national championship talent. Maybe, as an LSU fan, I’ll get lucky one day with a fresh start under a Head Coach like Boise State’s Chris Peterson.  If that’s happens, I’d hate to be the opposing team in college football.

Who would’ve thought....comparing LSU with Dallas.