NFC East Predictions: Strap It on Tight 'Boys, the East Is Coming

jason willisContributor IAugust 28, 2008

The defending Super Bowl Champion New York Giants came out of the league's toughest division last year, the NFC East. Three teams made the playoffs from the big, bad, bruising east: the Giants, Cowboys, and Redskins. The Eagles were left on the outside looking in but have improved themselves this year.


NFC East's Order of Finish


In Romo, the Cowboys have a quick starter. He, in his short career, has generally heated up early, only to fizzle out towards the end of the year before losing in the playoffs. Is this the year things finally change for Romo and the Cowboys? I hate to admit it, but I believe it is. I think the 'Boys will win fewer regular-season games than last year but finally get the playoff wins they need. 12-4, NFC TITLE GAME



The 'Skins could be very good this year, or they could be just okay. Nobody really knows. The quarterback is the real question. One thing that most people agree with is that the defense will keep this team in every game.

The addition of Jason Taylor will bring an immediate impact with pressure on the passer. This is something Washington hasn't had in years. London Fletcher, Marcus Washington, LaRon Landry and Andre Carter will ensure the success of the defense, but what about the offense?

Can the offensive line give Campbell the time that he needs to get in a groove. He has to get rid of the ball faster than he has in the past. He now has the offense around him to be a productive quarterback, if the line gives him the right amount of time to do so.

He doesn't need to be great like Romo, he just has to be steady. If he can complete 60 percent and put up a descent TD-INT ratio, this team can make the playoffs. 10-6, Playoffs



Let's just say it all together; I know we don't want to but we have to. The Eagles may be back. It was fun beating up on them when we had the chance, but those days may be over. We can still win, but we can no longer just beat them up. They have improved with the addition of Asante Samuel, they still have Brian Dawkins and probably the best defensive coordinator ever.

Mr. McNabb is healthy again, not to mention Westbrook can carry this team whenever he gets ready. They had a good offseason and every player feels like they have something to prove. Want to talk about motivation, how about being the only team in your division not making the playoffs last year? 9-7, Playoffs



This team has lost some of its zeal in my opinion. The defense is without five of its starters from the Super Bowl. The secondary is in question, with several pieces missing. Osi and "Gap Tooth" are gone from the D-line, and Shockey is marching with the Saints in New Orleans. Hmmm...makes you think this is the team that will be on the outside looking in this year. 7-9,  MISS PLAYOFFS