WWE Survivor Series Preview: 10 Reasons to Watch

Steven ConeyCorrespondent INovember 15, 2010

WWE Survivor Series Preview: 10 Reasons to Watch

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    This year's Survivor Series event will be the 24th in history. It is seen as one of the "Big Four" events along with SummerSlam, Royal Rumble and WrestleMania.

    There are only three scheduled matches so far, with more set to be announced this week on RAW and SmackDown.

    So far we have:

    WWE Championship Match:

    Randy Orton (c) vs. Wade Barrett

    World Heavyweight Championship Match:

    Kane (c) vs. Edge

    WWE Divas Championship:

    Lay-Cool (Layla & Michelle McCool) (c)  vs. Natalya

    With only these three matches scheduled so far, some people will be wondering why they should bother watching Survivor Series. I will now give you 10 reasons to watch the show on Sunday evening.


1. The Last Survivor Series Ever?

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    Survivor Series logo from 1987-2008
    Survivor Series logo from 1987-2008

    If you needed any reasons to watch Survivor Series this Sunday then this is a good one. It's often seen as one of the "Big Four" PPV events in the WWE, but this may well be the last Survivor Series we ever see.

    WWE has decided to re-brand a lot of its pay-per-view events over the last couple of years and Survivor Series is looking most likely to be the next casualty.

    The first Survivor Series occurred in 1987 in an era when the WWF really began to take off. It originally had a strong emphasis on tag-team wrestling and, in particular, elimination matches.

    We have seen some awesome teams over the years, and although the emphasis has slipped slightly in the past few years, Survivor Series is an event that is cherished among the WWE Universe.

    During a press conference held February 11, 2010, WWE announced that it would drop the Survivor Series name and re-brand the event. However, in June 2010, the event was added back onto the WWE's upcoming schedule.

    With Survivor Series' future being uncertain, this may be your last chance to see it live.

2. Natalya Finally Becomes Divas Champion?

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    Many WWE fans have bemoaned the demise of the Divas division and feel it has become somewhat of a joke.

    The recent domination of the division by Lay-Cool (Layla and Michelle McCool) has done nothing to improve the mood.

    They have destroyed everybody in their path and their latest enemy, Natalya, will most likely have her last chance on Sunday.

    She beat McCool by disqualification at Hell in a Cell and in her rematch, she lost to Layla at Bragging Rights.

    Natalya has earned another shot and will be looking to gain her first WWE Divas Championship.

3. Dolph Ziggler Beating MVP Again?

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    The Intercontinental Champion, Dolph Ziggler, successfully defended his championship against MVP on SmackDown.

    This was after MVP had become the No. 1 contender the previous week following a victory in a triple threat match with Drew McIntytre and Cody Rhodes.

    The win for Ziggler came under controversial circumstances though. MVP had his foot on the bottom rope but the referee still counted the pinfall. This would leave us to assume that MVP will get another shot at Survivor Series.

    Ziggler has had trouble finding a win in the past couple of months after being on the receiving end of a few losses thanks to Daniel Bryan.

    MVP will be looking to step out of the wilderness and gain some momentum, but Ziggler will do everything he can to stop him.

4. To See the Tag Team Titles Defended

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    Another part of the WWE which has left the fans incensed in recent times is the tag team division. And to be honest, it's nothing more than a shambles.

    Are there any actual proper tag teams left in the WWE? I'm not entirely sure but they need to sort it out quickly to avoid killing the whole division.

    Current champions Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel haven't defended their titles yet—they didn't even properly win them.

    WWE needs to start putting some time and effort into the tag team division and give those belts some credibility they so desperately need.

    This could start with a title defense on Sunday. It's something, at least.

5. Watch Rey Mysterio Get Revenge on Alberto Del Rio

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    Mysterio and Del Rio do not see eye-to-eye. Del Rio beat Mysterio in his debut on SmackDown and then attacked him after his match with Kane, injuring him with his armbar.

    Rey returned a month ago and handed Del Rio his first loss in the WWE. The two men were then forced to try and co-exist at Bragging Rights. They were both on Team SmackDown but even that couldn't stop Del Rio from attacking his fellow luchador.

    The pair were then involved in a triple threat match along with Edge to determine the new No. 1 contender for Kane's World Heavyweight Championship. Edge would win the match and these two would continue to fight.

    On the most recent episode of SmackDown, Del Rio beat Kofi Kingston before Mysterio attacked him after the match and hit him with a 619 to almost inevitably set up a match at Survivor Series.

6. To See If Edge Can Spear Himself to a New World Title Run

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    Edge made himself the No. 1 contender after beating both Rey Mysterio and Alberto Del Rio on SmackDown a few weeks ago.

    Kane has held the title for a while now and finally saw off his brother, The Undertaker, at Bragging Rights.

    If Edge wins, he will become a 10-time world champion. That's quite a surprising statistic considering none of Edge's reigns have been that memorable.

    Kane and Edge cost each other wins on SmackDown, to Big Show and David Otunga respectively. However, Edge managed to kidnap Paul Bearer and now has him held hostage. Will this give Edge the psychological advantage needed to overcome "The Big Red Monster"? You'll have to watch to find out.

7. David Otunga and The Nexus

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    Otunga has always seemed to be the black sheep of The Nexus and his status in the past few weeks has become very questionable.

    A contestant in NXT Season 1, Otunga has recently began to question the leader of The Nexus, Wade Barrett.

    This began when Barrett ordered Otunga to lay down and let Heath Slater cover him so that he and Justin Gabriel could become WWE Tag Team Champions. This came just 24 hours after Otunga and John Cena had won the titles themselves.

    With Barrett missing, Otunga led The Nexus invasion of SmackDown last week, something which Barrett was not happy with.

    Barrett told Otunga to go to SmackDown again—this time he would face Edge and if he lost, he would be thrown out of The Nexus.

    With the help of Kane, Otunga was victorious, but his position within The Nexus still seems a delicate one.

8. John Cena: Free of The Nexus or Fired from WWE?

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    Cena has been the main target for The Nexus ever since they invaded Monday Night RAW.

    The relationship between Cena and The Nexus (and in particular, the leader, Wade Barrett) has been a volatile one.

    Hoping to end Nexus for good, Cena challenged Barrett to a match at Hell in a Cell only to lose due to interference by two fans later identified as Husky Harris and Michael McGillicutty. Due to the stipulations in place, Cena was forced to join The Nexus.

    Cena was then told by the anonymous RAW GM that he had to follow Barrett's orders or he would be fired. Barrett used this to his advantage and had Cena accompany him to the ring for his WWE championship match at Bragging Rights against Randy Orton.

    Barrett said that if he lost the match, Cena would be fired. Cena found a loophole, though, and attacked Barrett to give him the win by disqualification.

    The leader of The Nexus was given another title shot, this time at Survivor Series, and won the right to name the special referee. He, of course, chose Cena.

    This time, Barrett has said that if he doesn't win the WWE Championship, Cena will be fired. If he does win the title though, Cena will be free of his duties to The Nexus.

    Cena has said whatever happens, he will give Barrett the beating of his life after Survivor Series—but will he do it as a WWE employee?

To See Wade Barrett Become WWE Champion

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    Barrett and the rest of The Nexus have left their mark on the WWE.

    The leader of the most feared group in the WWE has certainly pulled off his fair share of shock victories during his time in the WWE.

    The man has already competed twice for the WWE Championship and will get his third opportunity at Survivor Series.

    After beating John Cena at Hell in a Cell—and forcing him to become a member of The Nexus—Barrett won a battle royal on RAW to become the new No. 1 contender for Randy Orton's title.

    Barrett had his title match at Bragging Rights and although he won the match, Orton kept the title due to an interference by Cena.

    Cena is more or less Barrett's slave and must do everything he tells him. Barrett has said that if he doesn't become the WWE Champion at Survivor Series, Cena is fired from the WWE.

    With that and the fact that he already holds wins over such superstars as Cena and Chris Jericho, Barrett winning wouldn't be that much of a surprise.

    Speaking of surprises...

10. The Miz: Mr. Money in the Bank

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    All the signs point to The Miz finally cashing in his Money in the Bank briefcase.

    Miz isn't really feuding with anybody at the minute and with the briefcase and Alex Riley by his side, he could be on the verge of cashing in his title opportunity.

    Add this to the fact that Miz turned on Orton (who was his own teammate) on last week's RAW and we have an interesting theory going into Survivor Series.

    Here's one scenario that could happen:

    Alex Riley distracts Cena as Miz enters the ring and hits Orton with the briefcase; this allows Barrett to pin Orton and become champion. Cena keeps his job and he begins to attack Barrett. Miz then attacks Cena and immediately cashes in the briefcase and defeats Barrett to become champion. This allows Miz and Orton to feud whilst Barrett and Cena can carry on their dispute.

    Other similar options are available. Maybe Miz will accidentally attack Barrett and Orton picks up the win. Because of the interference, Cena will be allowed to keep his job and Miz will still be able to cash his title shot in.

    Either way, I see Miz cashing in this Sunday. If that's not enough to make you want to watch Survivor Series, then I don't know what is!