Baby Schumacher Opens His World Title Account, Lucky Or Deserved?

David HuggettContributor INovember 14, 2010

an emotional Vettel takes his his title on the top step of the podium
an emotional Vettel takes his his title on the top step of the podiumKer Robertson/Getty Images

So there you have it, another season is over. It seems like yesterday that I sat and wrote about how horribly boring the 2010 season looked like it could be, as I penned my thoughts on the opening race in Bahrain.

But what a season it turned out to be, and one that I am now anxious will never be rivaled. It literally had it all—foul play, accidents, moments of genius and moments of utter disaster.

But what about the new world champion? Did he deserve it? Or was it possibly another lucky win?

I think it would be scandalous to take it away from Sebby Vettel in any way, shape or form. It's easy to say 'but what if the Renaults hadn't held up Alonso' or 'what if Liuzzi hadn't ended up on top of Schumacher forcing the safety car'?  The simple reality is, that's motor racing. 

The reason we love it, and the reason we commit so much time and emotion to it, is because it is so uncertain. And once again the title has been decided by factors that worked very much in RBR and Vettel's favour.

One thing that definitely needs discussion are the gestures issued to Petrov by Alonso after the chequered flag. Petrov drove a superb race and certainly defended his right to his drive at Renault next term. But why can't Alonso take defeat gracefully? Understandably he's just been robbed of the title, and none of us can relate to what that feels like, but had he shown a bit more charm during this season, he might have far more support behind him. 

You can easily argue that things could have turned out very differently if certain incidents hadn't taken place. And this is the brilliance of Formula 1. 

For example, had Jenson not had his exhaust bungs left in Monaco, or had he not been taken out by Vettel later in the season, he would very much have still been in the title hunt up to today, and may have even been able to retain his title. Likewise, had Hamilton not been plagued with DNF's, he would certainly have been on for his second world title(and the same for Alonso and Webber). So many things took place that played such a huge part in the outcome of this great season, which is why we can never judge the man who comes out ultimately triumphant—that's just F1.

So what about next season? Will we see the same amount of excitment where it will again go down to the wire? Or will the return of KERS and the debut of the maniputable rear wing play a negative role? We all said that refueling would ruin the strategic excitment, but really, it added to it, creating the fine details of tyre strategy under heavy fuel load to become the ultimate test. Dont forget, Pirelli are going to make a big return next season that will no doubt shake things up.

And lastly, next season's driver line ups? Well that's just there to keep us interested during the next 119 days until Bahrain.