A Look at the 2010 Iron Bowl, and Its Serendipitous Teams

Seth BowmanCorrespondent INovember 14, 2010

Don't let the 2010 Alabama Crimson Tide fool you into believing they are dead and that their season is over. Don't let the 2010 Auburn Tigers fool you into believing that they are pretenders and not contenders.

The 2010 Iron Bowl will be filled with story lines, drama and two teams wishing to either change their fortunes, or continue in their good luck.

Lets start with the Alabama Crimson Tide: The 2010 Tide have not had the year that most expected them to have. Although they are no longer in the title hunt, they still have plenty to fight for before the season is over. Left on the Tide's plate is Georgia State, The Auburn Tigers, and the Bowl Game.If Alabama wins out, they will have finished 11-2, and have had a very successful year. A year that includes ruining Auburn's bid for perfection and a National Title.

Auburn is playing for perfection. Amid the Cam Newton scandal, the Tigers are ready to show people in the state, and across the country they mean business. In their way is Alabama, South Caroline and their prospective opponent if the Tigers can make it to Glendale.

Both teams in this years contest are a bit-Serendipitous.

Serendipity is defined as good luck or good fortune. Another definition is one making needed discoveries through accident. As it pertains to this article, lets stick with good fortune or good luck.

Alabama is hoping to change its luck, while Auburn wants to continue in good fortune. But which will prevail in the Iron Bowl?

I believe Auburn is too strong offensively to be stopped, and at the moment the only organization capable of stopping the Auburn Cam Newtons, is the NCAA. An Alabama win is possible but highly unlikely.

In this years contest, lets see which squad will land some serious serendipity. What do you think?