WWE Survivor Series: Power Ranking the 10 Best Matches of Kane's Career

ReDevilContributor IIINovember 18, 2010

WWE Survivor Series: Power Ranking the 10 Best Matches of Kane’s Career

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    Kane has proven himself to be a force to be reckoned with ever since he debuted at Bad Blood 97. Over the years his character has been watered down but his presence is still felt by the fans who watched him during the time when the mere mention of his name would send shudders down the spine of his opponents as well as the fans.

    Kane has had many notable feuds and rivalries in his decorated career, most notably with his half brother, The Undertaker. With Kane due to defend his World Heavyweight Championship against Edge at possibly the last dance of the historic Survivor Series, lets take a look back and re-live the 10 best matches of the Big Red Machine's career.

10) Kane Vs Rey Mysterio

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    Event: Money In The Bank 2010

    Although not a 5 star classic, this match was one of Kane's greatest matches because after nearly a decade of putting other people over, Kane had finally become the World Heavyweight Champion again. Kane had won the Smackdown money in the bank tournament earlier and then he cashed it in the same night against Rey Mysterio. Even though the match lasted for only 54 seconds, as a huge fan of Kane I have to say that was one of the greatest 54 seconds of my life. After winning the World Title, Kane beat his half-brother, The Undertaker three times in a row and he is still running strong as our proud and deserving World Heavyweight Champion.

9) Kane Vs Big Show Vs Raven

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    Event: Wrestlemania 17

    Many say that Wrestlemania 17 was the greatest Wrestlemania ever and this is just one of the many reasons why Mania17 was so successful. Arguably the greatest hardcore match in WWE history, this match combined the many qualities of the hardcore matches the WWF were having in those days as most hardcore matches before this were just plain hardcore or they were just funny and ridiculous. However this match was hardcore as well as funny. Raven crashing through a window, Kane and The Big Show going through a wall and Kane's leg drop off the stage were some of the hardcore moments that this match provided. But the most memorable moment of this match was Kane driving a golf cart and chasing Show and Raven who ran off in another golf cart. When I first saw that I couldn't stop laughing.

    Another memory of this match that sticks out in my mind is the ovation that Kane got when he came out and the comment JR made stating Kane is the future of the WWF. He very well could have been the future of the WWE if he was used properly.

    Anyway an amazing and entertaining match for children of all ages.

8) 7 Man Tables, Ladders and Chairs

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    Event: Monday Night RAW

    In 2002, Kane was practically on fire. He had the WWE fans behind him and he was coming off as a true champion. He had won the Intercontinental Champion and he also held the Tag Titles. Originally supposed to be an 8 man TLC match, Kane's tag team partner, The Hurricane was attacked by Triple H earlier in the show and Kane had to defend his tag titles alone against Jericho, Christian, RVD, Jeff Hardy, Bubba and Spike. Even at such odds, the outcome of the match: 6  bodies lying in and around the ring and Kane standing up high signaling his pyro with the tag titles in his hand.

7) Kane Vs Chris Jericho

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    Event: Armageddon 2000

    Kane and Jericho had two matches before this final match to end things between them. But what exactly started the feud between Jericho and Kane? A Championship? Not exactly try a cup of hot coffee. What two men did for their share of a fresh, hot cup of coffee in the WWF is unimaginable.

    Armageddon 2000 was one of the deadliest PPV's the WWE has ever produced. The main event was the 6 man Hell In A Cell match for the WWF Championship which was going to be brutal as everyone had expected it to be. But how brutal was it going to be, no one knew. Kane vs Chris Jericho, which came before the Hell In A Cell, answered how brutal the HIAC was going to be. Kane and Jericho's match was unbelievable. Shovels, Chairs, Chokeslams, Lionsaults, you name it. Kane proved that he is a real monster as the only way to stop him was to have him buried under a huge stack barrels. If the match that was starting Armageddon was this savage then boy Hell In A Cell was going to be total Armageddon.

6) Kane Vs Shane McMahon

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    Event: Unforgiven 2003

    After Kane had to unmask at the hands of Triple H and Evolution, he went on a rampage destroying anything and everything that stood in his way. The problem. The person that Kane thought stood in his way was the CEO of the company, Linda McMahon. Kane, after giving a tombstone to McMahon on the steel ramp, was faced by her son, Shane McMahon. These two had some brutal moments with Kane electrocuting Shane's southern twins and Shane throwing Kane in fire but the real pain came in a Last Man Standing Match at Unforgiven 2003. Kane fought back and dominated Shane McMahon after receiving vicious chair shots at the hands of McMahon during the opening stages of the match. Kane proved his toughness and his dominance but the crazy sob, Shane McMahon also showed that he still had his balls intact when he jumped off the Titantron and sadly went through one of the stage areas giving Kane the victory.

5) Kane Vs Triple H

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    Event: Judgement Day 2001

    After Backlash 2001, Triple H just kept on talking and talking until he pissed Kane off to the point where their match was made to be a Chain Match. I don't know what the hell Triple H was thinking but I wouldn't be tied to a monster like Kane with a chain for all the money in the world. Kane played the game and he played it very well. In fact he taught Triple H how you really play the game. After a brutal beatdown and an unintentional help from Stone Cold, Kane captured his first Intercontinental Championship making him the 8th Triple Crown Champion and the 3rd Grand Slam Champion.

4) Kane and Undertaker Vs Stone Cold and Triple H

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    Event: Backlash 2001

    What do you get when you have four of the biggest stars in WWE history face off in a tag team match for all the major titles that the WWF has to offer? You get an instant classic. Austin as the WWF Champion formed an alliance with Vince McMahon and Triple H who was the Intercontinental Champion and they were raising hell in the WWF. After a while Hell had enough and Hell was raised as The Undertaker and Kane, The Brothers of Destruction. Kane was in this match with a broken hand courtesy of Austin and Trips but he still managed to hold his own until Vince and Stephanie McMahon interfered giving Triple H the sledgehammer and a win for him and Stone Cold. Even though he lost, Kane once again proved that he is one tough s.o.b.

3) Kane Vs Stone Cold

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    Event: King of The Ring 1998

    The day Kane became the WWF Champion after beating Stone Cold Steve Austin in a First Blood Match. Kane considers this as his greatest accomplishment and it really is but it's such a shame that he only held the title for a mere 24 hours and his next title reign would come after more than 10 years. Nonetheless, Kane did something that many great WWE legends have failed to do and that is win the big one. Also is it just me or did that title look damn good on him (just ignore Paul Bearer)? This match would've been higher on the list if Kane had held the title for more than one day.

2) Kane Vs 29 Other Candy @$$e$

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    Event: Royal Rumble 2001

    No man has ever dominated the Royal Rumble like Kane. If Wrestlemania is Undertaker's yard then Royal Rumble is Kane's playground but the only problem is that he doesn't play, he gets damn serious. Kane lasted for an incredible 53 minutes and he eliminated 11 men at the Rumble in 2001.

    Here are the victims:

    1) Grand Master Sexay

    2) The Honky Tonk Man

    3) Scotty 2 Hotty

    4) Tazz

    5) Raven

    6) Alsnow

    7) Albert

    8) Perry Saturn

    9) Steve Blackman

    10) Crash Holly


    11) THE ROCK

    With all due respect to Steve Austin, Kane deserved to win that Rumble.

1) Kane Vs Undertaker

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    Event: Wrestlemania 14

    It doesn't get any bigger or better than Undertaker and Kane. Well at least it didn't used to. Wrestlemania 14 was not only the rise of the Austin Era but it was the beginning of the pathway of destruction of The Big Red Machine, Kane.

    Kane debuted at Bad Blood '97 costing Undertaker the first ever Hell In A Cell match and after weeks of relentless attacks at the hands of Kane, Undertaker finally accepted Kane's challenge to a match at Mania. (Only in the WWF will you see a supernatural family dispute being settled in a wrestling match.) Undertaker at that time was the force of the WWE. He was the biggest and baddest superstar in the WWF and yet Kane just dominated Undertaker at Mania. I don't think Kane was lying down for more than 3 seconds the entire match. Taker chokeslams, Kane sits up, Taker tombstone, Kane sits up, it was like Undertaker had finally met a power far greater than his own which proved to be true because Kane overpowered Undertaker so many times during that match. It was the one and only match where you will ever see Undertaker as a normal man just trying to survive the thing. After 3 tombstones Undertaker finally, finally pinned Kane. However, Kane actually kicked out even after the third tombstone but the ref counted to 3 and the match was over but Kane's dominance was just beginning.

    What was unusual about Kane vs Taker Mania 14 was that I actually believed Kane's entire no-sell in the match. I still do and that is why this match is the greatest match in Kane's career imo.