Unanswered Questions about Rodriguez's Exit Remain

frank martinoCorrespondent IDecember 21, 2007

IconThank God for the free press and the freedom of speech.  It is often a beacon of light in times of turmoil. 

In West Virginia, as in other parts of the country, we know that sometimes newspapers can only go so far and then have to back off because of possible litigation, political affliation, and potential loss of advertising or operating costs. 

But they still present what they believe to be factual information in the best manner they possibly can.

I truly am grateful for being allowed to speak what I believe and read other's opinions on what they believe. 

If you are going report like Paul Harvey and come up with "The Rest of the Story," please make sure that you really have ALL of the pertinent information before casting doubts on other information and then abandoning it.

Mitch Vingle of the Charleston Gazette mentions my article "Follow that Plane" in an editorial in today's paper about the mysterious plane seen landing in Morgantown the night of the Pitt game.  They did their own investigation and came to the conclusion that although the story here was intriguing, they could not find the Michigan connection.

I really appreciate that you gentlemen investigated this story.  You answered a lot of questions with your report, but I also think you left a lot of questions unanswered that the public is still intrigued by.

First of all, the main question is this: Why would a man who loved West Virginia University since he was a boy, who lived his dream to play for the Mountaineers and then get to coach them, abandon that dream and his team in the dark of night?

Second, why would you believe ANYTHING that came from the University of Michigan?  In your article, you mention that the U of M sports information director denied any relationship with the owner of the plane, Wilcox. 

Have they not demonstrated by their actions that they have no morals?  Are they not the ones who hired a coach without first asking the WVU administration?  Secretly meeting with him at the very place where his "financial advisor" Wilcox's plane is located—Toledo, Ohio. Will they not be involved in future litigation?  Why would they lend any evidence to hamper their own defense? And why would they tell a West Virginia newspaper if it were true? Their clandestine actions speak for themselves.

Third, you never got to talk to Wilcox...so how do you know if he was the only one who flew on the plane?  Use your power of the freedom of speech and get the plane's manifest from the FAA.  Even then, Wilcox may have not put down the correct number of passengers.  But we want to know what he has to say.  Of course they aren't going to register the Michigan people as guests of WVU, why would they? 

Fourth, do you really believe that this only happened in one instance?  Do you not think that the U of M folks would spend millions on something they didn't see first in person? Would you?

Finally: is there any connection between two Bowling Green alumni—Wilcox and Nehlen? You state that the pilot of the plane is not a UM grad but from BG.  If I remember correctly, it was a BG alumni, BG coach, and UMass coach who told Rodriquez that Michigan comes once in a lifetime...

I look forward to the final chapters in this story.  I challenge you to follow that lead and dig deeper.

"Whoever undertakes to set himself up as a judge of Truth and Knowledge is shipwrecked by the laughter of the gods."  ~ Albert Einstein.