WWE Survivor Series 2010 To Surprise the IWC?

Alex Waller@https://twitter.com/#!/AlexCWallerContributor IINovember 13, 2010


Many burning questions and cooling predictions are circling this year’s annual Survivor Series.

The IWC have, once again, voiced their opinions on what needs to happen at this legendary event. To be honest it has somewhat made me feel negatively towards WWE Creative, as most of the predictions made by the IWC will never happen due to the ominous effects of “sod’s law."

The IWC are always full of interesting ideas regarding the business that us bleachers love. Interesting ideas.

Do interesting ideas boost ratings? Of course.

Do interesting ideas leave you shocked and exhilarated to the point of nearly falling over your own couch and spilling beverage over everything in your living room?

Including your own cat? Not really.

WWE has a golden opportunity to ruin possessions and leave their fateful viewers exclaiming “gomagawd!” at Survivor Series.

WWE could shock us like a hug from WALL-E in the rain.

Sure, the argument can be made that WWE should shock it’s audience all the time, which I fully agree with, especially financially.

However, Survivor Series has a lot of hype regarding the Barrett/Orton match in terms of storyline potential and WWE should finally capitalize on this.

A Cena heel turn would be cool, but predictable in terms of popular demand along with the possible return of Triple H.

I would rather be proven wrong in my predictions and not hear my thoughts echoed on a television.

I buy this program to be entertained. Being shocked once in a while would also be a much enjoyed bonus.