Cam Newton Sacrificed In Order to Please Father's God

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Cam Newton Sacrificed In Order to Please Father's God
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The truth finally came out.

Cam Newton's father, Cecil, did ask a Mississippi State booster for money under the table. He also says no money changed hands and that MSU made no offers.

Yet even though Newton did not ask for money himself, and that no money was given, he might be ineligible to play this year.

This is ridiculous. The NCAA should not punish an athlete for what his father did behind his back. This whole story is made worse by the fact Cam Newton is a front runner for the Heisman trophy and the most integral part of Auburn’s national championship-bound team.

They are screwing an innocent kid out of two of the top awards in sports because he was betrayed by his father. He probably already feels horrible his dad took advantage of his athletic ability for money, but now you’re blaming it on Cam. It makes no sense.

Cecil Newton should pay the price, not Cam. I do not care that his father asked for the money for his church. God does not want money that you had to cheat out of your son to get. You, Cecil Newton, are in fact no better than any of the sinners you claim to have helped save.

Also, Mr. Newton, your announcement came at the worst possible time for your son tomorrow—he may not play for a spot in the SEC title game because you had to assuage your conscience. You could have waited until after the season when Cam had already won the awards he deserves.

You didn’t though; you threw your son under the bus. Now the evil empire has him at their unfair mercy. All because you would lie and cheat to show your "love of God."

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